Developmental updates

It has been awhile since I have posted any improvements and updates into our journey with Nathan.  I am pleased to say that he is doing well and even seems to be starting to comprehend some academic ability.  I have been using the FREE Funnix program along with the worksheets which has been working great!  Hand coordination with the pencil is a little awkward but at least there is more of an attempt this time than before.  One important lesson I have learned is that if something doesn’t work the first time DON’T give up, try again at a later time.  It might take a little bit for the brain to pick up.  It is very similar to you learning a new task and then one day it just clicks and becomes second nature.

I think that a hand brace for writing just might help him, as the hand-over-hand technique allows better letter formation than doing it on his own!

A few weeks ago was good for new activities.   On Sunday we built a big fort in the house which Nathan seemed to enjoy.  At first like always he was a little apprehensive until his sisters went in and then after that he had no reservations from there.  🙂

The next night they did some dress up activities, here is our son in his “costume”


Dress up activities are great for children with sensory issues to get used to different textures.

As we continue introducing new activities we will share our experiences.



FREE Funnix Math program available!

I have been trying to sample this math program for awhile now but I always seem to miss the open download period.  You can download the Math program until December 15th, after that they will be offering the Reading program for FREE, starting December 16th – December 31st!!
Please visit for more details.