We are the parents of four wonderful children!  We have three daughters and 1 son.  This blog is about our experience,  success and failures in our journey as we help our child to become the person that Yahweh (Heavenly Father) has created him to be!  We are a spiritual family that believes that everything happens for a reason.

Our goal is that something that is shared in this blog will help you as I have been helped by others successes and failures.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello friend! Thank you so much for this link! I still have only been able to skim, but your information is so wonderful! I especially appreciated the section about sensory disorder. I still have a hard time explaining our son’s needs to others, and your blurb made it much easier, because in all honesty, I still don’t really understand how it works. But now I have more insight that will help me to educate others as well. I have also shared the link with a friend, so hopefully she will be able to learn a lot as well!


  2. Hi there!

    Thank you for writing your blog. I have been searching for any information I can find about ByoNetics; did you eventually receive any reviews or information? My husband and I have a severely Autistic three year old son with Sensory Processing Disorder. He is non-verbal and we are in therapy.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Jillian,
      Thank you for the comment. No, I have not received any more information regarding Byonetics. If you do find something please feel free to share. Please keep me posted on the progress and experiences.

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