Are medical abortions necessary?

Sixteen years ago I got pregnant with my youngest child.  Nine weeks into my pregnancy I developed a blood clot that caused the placenta to separate from the abdomen wall, which caused a shortening of the blood supply and oxygen to my child.  One of my specialists told me that he wasn’t going to recommend an abortion because he knew my beliefs regarding this, but that it was an option that they mentioned to others in my position. It was decided I would come back in a few weeks for further testing, but he did warn me to be prepared for a miscarriage.

We went home and prayed. Members of our local assembly also prayed. When we followed up a few weeks later the blood clot had disappeared but miraculously the baby was doing well with the reduced oxygen.  I continued to be seen regularly during my pregnancy until I reached 36 weeks gestation at which time I started bleeding again and ended up having to have an emergency C-section.

After my son was born the anesthesiologist told me that if I had waited any longer to come to the hospital that due to the loss of blood I had experienced that both my son and I would have been life-lighted to another hospital and might have not made it.  He told me that it was a miracle that we were both alive and gave praise to our Heavenly Father for this gift!!

After my son’s birth I was told many grim outcomes such as: my son would never walk or talk and belonged in a home.  Well Yahweh proved them wrong – not only did he remove the blood clot and gave sustainability to my son in the womb, but my son walks, talks and is able to make small milestones.

In the world’s eyes my son would be considered a burden and not a contribution to our society.  I strongly disagree and rebuke those statements.  In the years my son has been living many people have come up to my husband and I and have shared that our son has blessed them just being in his presence.  I have been told that he has a smile that lights up their countenance and how happy he is whenever they see him.

If I had listened to the medical specialists who warned me and “suggested” that I should terminate my pregnancy, these special moments of blessing would have been missed.

I would never feel comfortable making a decision that only Yahweh knows as to why this has been allowed nor what my son’s purpose in this life is.  My son’s days are laid out for him just like mine are.  For me – he has been a bright spot and big blessing in my life that I would have missed but more importantly the glory of my Heavenly Father to provide the miracles that He did would have been taken away by my decision! There is no way would I want that to happen!

The reason I share this post because in the times that we are in right now, if you have been advised that your pregnancy is not viable or will not produce an optimal birth that you should “medically abort” I strongly petition you to listen to my story and understand something.  It has been documented in science that if a mother’s body cannot support a healthy pregnancy that the body ITSELF will terminate the pregnancy.  Did you get that??  If your body (Which has been beautifully and wonderfully made) knows instinctively that it cannot support a healthy baby, that the decision to terminate will be made without your interference!!

There is really no need for you to go in and end life of your own free will!  Remember that no matter how bleak the existence of your child looks when you hear the news, there is a purpose for your child!

May Yahweh bless and shalom!


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