Temperature Training. To or To not?

I have been doing some interesting studies recently on the mind and how you can improve brain functions along with health issues. One neuro-scientist who teaches this concept is a communication pathologist with 23 years experience working with adults and children.

She has worked with children with ADHD, Autism and other behavior issues.  It has piqued my interest as to whether this technique is possible for parents to apply with their children.

Has anyone else tried this technique with great success?  Most of the results are finding out your triggers and then teaching yourself how to react differently. I have read that some people use a thermometer for retraining patients.

Here is one for stress reduction:http://dstress.com/temperature-training-biofeedback/

There are several options out there if you want to try these techniques at home, saving money but the real question is do they work?  Would it be better to use a professional or has there been some success in overall behavior modification?

I have come to learn over the years that children in many cases tend to exhibit patterns and behaviors that one or more of their parents have.   It is easier for adults to improve our reactions but when it comes to another person how can this be done efficiently?