Instrumental music helpful with teaching struggling learners

It had been a question of mine as to whether instrumental music can be helpful in an academic environment?  Trying to educate my son with schoolwork has been challenging and with my older children who are normal functioning teenagers we have found that playing classical music in the background had been helpful in understanding complex problems.

I tried this out with my son who has struggled with retaining the information we are teaching him.  Colors are still difficult for him to ascertain but we are noticing he is remembering as well as learning new concepts easier than before!


A young friend of our family has written instrumental music which is very good to work too, will be releasing his new album November 3rd, 2014.  You can listen to his music at this link and if you feel inclined help support his venues.

Please leave a comment as to whether instrumental music has been helpful to you.

am trying to contain my excitement while I suddenly realize that dawn light is releasing in less than 2 weeks! meanwhile, you should create your own Zachary Bruno station on Pandora. It helps me out tremendously

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