Bedwetting trials and success!

I have posted in the past about our difficulty and questions concerning bedwetting.  As I learned over the years, it can be challenging to train an autistic child with sensory problems how to use the bathroom at night and not wet the bed.

About a month ago I felt the urging that the time was right to try once again and get our son off diapers at night. I had searched several online forums of other parent’s successes and failures and learned about the importance of fluid intake!

Something very interesting I learned is that our bodies will hold onto fluids and solids if it feels that there is a shortage.  You may notice this if you try and lose weight and eat very little for a long period of time.  The body will go into starvation and hold onto fat more than before.  Well, the same is true about water, we noticed that Nathan wasn’t drinking much water during the day but at night he would soak the bed several times over. So we reduced his water intake even more to see if that would help and he continued to wet. We backed off giving more time for the cognitive function to kick in.

One mom shared the importance of our children getting enough fluids during the day, and if they drink enough they will most likely stay dry!  Well, we found that this is true.

The first time we started his training, he stayed dry for a week, before he had an accident. Then he went a few more days before the next one.  Our family started noticing the pattern that on days he drank very little water is when he would most likely have an accident, therefore, we started pushing the fluids and he is doing much better!  Persistence does pay off. Now, Nathan has started getting his water without much prompting!

If you do start a similar program, please be patient and don’t give up if there seems to be a setback; try to find some patterns, whether illness, not enough nutrients, etc., when this occurs. It can be a challenge working with the sensory system and trying to overcome dysfunctions but all hope is not lost, just don’t stop trying!

And remember: Drink your water!!!  With the seasons changing for some of us, the body will dehydrate more and will need to be replenished.