DMAE is making a come back!

I have written posts about this supplement before and decided it was time to revisit it! A few years ago a worker at the local health food store recommended DMAE for help with cognitive reasoning and academic improvement.  Our son struggles with understanding basic concepts and teachings. When we first started him on the supplement he was almost non-verbal, he could indicate some of his needs but could not form sentences and was difficult to comprehend.  Within the first day he started verbalizing during play time by making noises or playing sounds with his cars.  

Each day we gave him the DMAE he started talking more, I had also read a book about giving him fish oil to help the speech and found that between the two he was starting to make a little more sense in his speech.

Well, over time schedules became busy and his speech was doing really well that when the supplement ran out I didn’t purchase anymore. As our son is getting older I am noticing that we are starting to meet the delayed milestones that were previously missed, and we decided to try him on the supplement again.

Now…., we are learning that our son has a sarcastic side and a funny sense of humor.  When trying to reach his vitamins one day, his older sister was in the way and he kept saying: “Excuse me, excuse me”
When she realized what he wanted, she told him to just go ahead and get his vitamins. His response to her was “I will if you move out of my way.”

To some people that is not significant, to those who have been on this journey that tells us that the brain is starting to connect or has been connecting but couldn’t express it….. until now!

If you have not heard of DMAE before, check out your local health food store and talk to one of the workers there about it or better yet research the information.  Our brain needs DMAE to function correctly but for some they do not have enough of the nutrient to function correctly.  You can also take it if you just want to increase your IQ!


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