Why my faith is so strong!

In this journey of trials and joys, many along the way get exhausted and lose faith that things may ever change for their child. Yes, I won’t lie, there are days that it seems my son will not learn what he is being taught and there are others where he is making amazing progress.

A few years ago, our beloved dog passed away while we were on a trip.  Nathan “seemed” to understand that she was no longer alive, but I wasn’t certain. It wasn’t until about a few months ago he started asking prayers that we would get two dogs. He had already picked out their names (he wanted to name them after some friends), when out of the blue we had a stray cat show up and adopt us! She came when the girls were in the middle of recording one of their music videos and ended up participating in the video; since then she has been a part of three other tapings.

I know this cat was an answer to prayer since my husband is not a person who likes cats, and she managed to win him over! Several times we had to bring her in from the cold and she seemed to be completely trained to use the litter box, and understand boundaries without a lot of training. She just seemed to slip into our lives with the perfect fit.  Nathan has become very protective of her and searches for her if she is gone on hunting sprees for a long time, as well as any perceived danger to her he reacts very strongly too 🙂

Since the start of my pregnancy with my son, I have had a lot of negative predictions which all turned out positive. Contrary to the doctor’s thoughts, my son did survive the pregnancy, he is able to walk and talk, no, we don’t need to put him in a home for the sake of the family and he is starting to make more improvements as we continue in this journey.  We have taken our son to multiple specialists, therapists, doctors and made him endure a lot of medical testing just to be told he was not going to make it to where he is today.

Nathan will be 12 this year and we are just starting skills of tying shoes, folding clothes, holding a pencil and being able to make a few letters, these are daily functions that we have been trying to teach him over the years and it is taking time for him to retain it! We are also looking forward to teaching him to ride a bike this summer!

Even though it may seem like things won’t change or get better, have faith that they will! If we had given up our son would not be where he is today due to pessimistic thoughts and statements.  I want to encourage you that if things are taking a while to sink in, please don’t give up.  If medical insurance doesn’t cover a procedure DON’T stop helping your child or loved one; “some” of the therapy and training they receive in “class” can be taught at home! Have your loved one help with simple tasks and chores not only will it give them a little independence but also increase their mobility and dexterity.

If your child has the urge to pray for something or someone special to him/her be prepared to be amazed at the answer to the prayer! You may be surprised! 🙂




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