Sometimes life calls for a game of Yahtzee

Last night I had the privilege of time off from work.  After enjoying a wonderful meal of manicotti and salad, I then got to play a game with my kids as a treat!  After getting a few ideas Nathan confirmed he wanted to play a game of Yahtzee.  We all took turns with Nathan enjoying his own score card.

One of my daughters and I helped him with counting and choosing which sections to aim for.  He did a great job with shaking and rolling out the dice and then given the option would choose if he wanted to try for more 5’s, 6’s, full house etc.

Well, lo and behold, Nathan rolled himself a Yahtzee.  I couldn’t believe it!  He even came in second place when we finished the round!  Good Job Nathan!

After he won he spent some time playing with our cat, Alina, and really did well petting her. In past years it was hard for him to be gentle to pets and generally was scared of them most of the time. However, last night, he was very careful and played nicely with her.

We are really proud of him and trying hard to bring him up to academic and physical level, which he has been doing pretty well with. I thank Yahweh so much for my wonderful son and pray he continues to amaze us.



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