Video of Six Asperger’s traits: Tips for parents of newly diagnosed Asperger’s children

This video is an excellent resource for parents who child or loved one has recently been diagnosed with Asperger’s or high functioning autism.  The tips in this video and great even for veterans of the Asperger’s/autism diagnosis. Many times we forget what causes your child or loved one to act the way they do.

Please pass this on to everyone you know who may benefit from this information!





Now that the government is back up and running so is the UN Treaty for Disabled Children

Parents please be aware, the UN Treaty for disabled children is back on the voting poll again.  If passed this bill will ultimately change first the parents of disabled children but it will then pass over to those of normal functioning development.  In a nutshell what this bill will do is to limit the authority of a parent to the “United Nations” or those in charge of the decision making.  If your child needs medical care, decisions will no longer be for the family to decide all authority will be given to the “universal policy” that has been implemented.   Visit Home School Legal Defense for more information

Why Does HSLDA Oppose the Treaty?Promoting equal rights and protections for disabled persons around the world sounds like a great idea. But let’s take a closer look at what the treaty actually says and how it would impact the United States. Here are some of our most serious concerns:

  • The CRPD could threaten homeschooling rights and parental rights. It would surrender parents and caregivers’ decision-making ability on behalf of their disabled children to unelected and unaccountable UN bureaucrats.
  • The CRPD would override existing state laws, seriously damaging states’ rights.
  • The CRPD would surrender our nation’s sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats.

This treaty is unnecessary for the United States to sign. The U.S. is the world leader in protecting the rights of those with disabilities. Through our 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and 1997 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, we already provide as much or more protection for the disabled than the CRPD.


Yahweh overcomes where doctors give grim diagnosis

It is hard to believe in seeing these pictures and witnessing several positive changes in development since our grim diagnosis 10+ years ago.  Doctors and specialists all told us that Nathan would never walk, and some even told us that he belonged in an institution for the sake of the family!  I am here to tell you that with prayers and love from family and friends it is possible to help your child or loved one live a life that is better than the initial prognosis.

We do daily exercises with Nathan which has seen a positive developmental change!  As a young baby where most little boys loved to explore the outdoors and feel the grass beneath their feet, Nathan did not like these things.  Anything new and foreign to him was met with crying and stiff limbs.


DSC05609      130804_001nathan2

Some exercises we do in the morning:

*bike riding on stationary bike (this helps with using his feet muscles and building leg strength
*push ups
*sit ups
*lifting weights on exercise ball (this helps with his balance)
*riding his scooter
*doing step work (this helps with his coordination skills

Of course, we can’t forget the important stretching of muscles! 🙂

All praise and glory goes to the Father for helping our son gain more mobility and muscle strength than was originally predicted!!!