UN Treaty for Disabled Children is on the ballot again for June 3rd-4th, 2013

I want to take some time to explain to those who do not understand what this treaty will do if it is passed.  Right now the law states that parents have the right and responsibility to care for their children and loved ones who are disabled.  If this bill is passed all decisions for their education, healthcare, and maybe even guardianship will be made by the government.   If you do NOT have a disabled child or loved one at this time, please be in mind that at any time if someone you love has an accident that can render them “disabled” in the legal aspect you will then fall into this bracket.

I recently spoke with a grandmother whose grandchild suffered an injury to the neurological system, even though this treaty has not passed she is already fighting the system to get care for her grandchild.  Anytime you then seek therapy, medical supplies or maybe even legal guardianship this is where this treaty will come into place; your rights as a parent or guardian will at that time be challenged and ignored in the interest of either money or power.  I know of parents who have requested no vaccinations or other health care because of a negative reactions their child had but only to be ignored or had to find another physicians.  If/When this treaty passes there will be no other options for your child if it is deemed that your child “must” have the services that are being required.

If you are not a follower of my blog you can go to the post about applying for guardianship of a disabled loved one if they are under the age of 18, this information was shared with me by another parent of an autistic child. https://myautismjourney.wordpress.com/2012/11/27/applying-for-guardianship-by-age-17-and-the-topic-of-wills/

The article below explains this bill in further detail:


“UNCRPD is back. We MUST contact our US Senators and let them know that we do NOT like this treaty. They will be discussing it and voting very soon, June 3rd & 4th.

Thank Sen. Blunt for opposing the UNCRPD the last time it was up for ratification, andENCOURAGE HIM TO OPPOSE IT AGAIN. His number is 202-224-5721. Sen. McCaskill voted for the ratification last time. We need her to oppose it this time. Her number is 202-224-6154

Need some talking points? I’ve listed some below:

Although the UNCRPD has the word “disabilities” in its title, the treaty never defines what is meant by “disability.” Without defining this, it cannot be known how broadly the treaty will apply.

The Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the U.S. Constitution ensures that ratified treaties are equal in status to federal law and the U.S.
Constitution and supersede state laws and constitutions. Some of this treaty is the same as the Americans with Disabilities Act, but much of the treaty is quite different and would undermine U.S. law.

Article 7, Section 2 of the treaty states: “In all actions concerning children with disabilities, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.” (Emphasis added.) This language is also found in the UNCRC and underscores the necessity of a Parental Rights Amendment. If a government’s assessment of the child’s best interests differs from that of the parents, the government gets to make the decision, not the parents. Current law states that the only situation in which the government decides what is best for a child is in divorce or abuse/neglect situations, which is as it should be.

Article 24 specifically tasks states with the responsibility to make sure that disabled children are educated in environments “which maximize academic and social development.” This, along with Article 7, Section 2, means that nothing could prevent government officials from overriding parental wishes to homeschool their disabled child.

Government-funded abortion: Article 23 of the treaty states, “The right of all persons with disabilities … to have access to…reproductive and family planning education are recognized, and the means necessary to enable them to exercise these rights are provided.” (Emphasis added.) Again, with the treaty never defining what is meant by a disability, it is unknown how far-reaching this article could be.

Article 46 states “Reservations incompatible with the object and purpose of the present Convention shall not be permitted.” So this treaty is all or none. Any Reservations, Understandings, or Declarations (RUDs) attempting to declare that this treaty does not change U.S. Law are simply unenforceable.

The Americans with Disabilities Act already does a tremendous job in protecting the rights of persons with disabilities. It would be a disservice to them to ratify an international treaty that is inferior to this Act, but would now supersede it. If it is ever found that our own law is failing to meet the needs of persons with disabilities, it is the legislatures’ role to enact laws on their behalf, not to ratify a treaty that would diminish their protection. Thank you for your time and consideration. I urge you to OPPOSE the ratification of the UNCRPD.”


Government funded phone app for “vaccine refusers”

I just received an email of this article, again please research for yourself:


Government Funded Phone App Tracks “Vaccine Refusers”


A new phone application called ‘Vaccine Refused’ developed by the University of Iowa tracks – just as the name implies – vaccine refusals. [1]

The application is intended to be used by health professionals to report the location of the refusal, the vaccine refused, and patient demographics. The output of the data, which is supposedly anonymous and stored securely at the University of Iowa, provides a heat map of the refusals.

I’m going to show you how the government will likely use this information – and it isn’t pretty. Let me tell you more.

Application is Government Funded.

To understand the importance of this particular application, we need to know how it is being funded and who is leading the research. This will give us a clue as to how the data will likely be used.

The research for the phone application is led by Dr. Philip Polgreen, Director of Infectious Disease Society of America’s Emerging Infections Network. [2]

Why is this significant?

According to the IDSA’s website, “In 1995, the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] granted a Cooperative Agreement Program award to the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) to develop a provider-based emerging infections sentinel network: the Emerging Infections Network (IDSA EIN).” [3]

The project’s main University of Iowa page clearly states the research is funded by the National Institutes of Health and by a contract from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [4]

So now we know the lead researcher for the phone application has direct ties to the Centers for Disease Control as well receiving funds for the research.

Here’s the important point…

Vaccine Refused Application is Technology Black Boxing.

This is your typical “black boxing” effort in developing tracking technology. By this I mean very simply, two separate technologies are being developed and will be combined to form a system at a later date.

An analogy would be the designing of a car. The engine, steering, and breaking system are all developed separately but then combined in the manufacturing process to make a car.

Much in the same way, an application tracking vaccine refusals may seem harmless on the surface. However, the Centers for Disease Control are collecting other data.

In a recent article, I wrote about how the CDC collects information on who vaccinates their children and who does not. They also know how many children have opted out of being vaccinated. [5]

If you didn’t know, the Centers for Disease Control has been quietly rolling out a nationwide program called the Immunization Information Systems (IIS), registering your vaccine information (and if you refuse or not) into databases. [6]

But what would happen if data from the phone application was combined or analyzed with vaccine registry information?

The Correlation of Data.

Here’s what you need to know.

The government (along with corporations) collects, correlates, and tracks data about you. I highly recommend a very informational article written by Information Security expert Bruce Schneier.

He writes, “Governments are happy to use the data corporations collect – occasionally demanding that they collect more and save it longer – to spy on us. And corporations are happy to buy data from governments. Together the powerful spy on the powerless, and they’re not going to give up their positions of power, despite what the people want.” [7]

The CDC’s Immunization Information System already tracks your vaccine refusals. If you recall from the last article, a small amount of the data collected included: the patient’s name, birth date, mother’s name, home address and phone number, and vaccine provider.

How easy would it be to correlate any “refuser” data and make a map out of it with home addresses? It seems the Vaccine Refused application can accomplish this task quiet easily.

Researchers at the University of Iowa say the data collected by the application is secure and anonymous. You and I should know better; this could be changed with the stroke of the pen.

Heck, the CDC is paying for the research. Are you sure there isn’t a hidden agenda?


George Washington can be quoted as saying, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

What happens if we take the intention of the Vaccine Refused phone application and Immunization Information System to its conclusion? Will these technologies be used to track you down and forcibly vaccinate you and your children?

It sure seems that way to me.

– See more: 




New Study shows infant monkeys given vaccines develop autism symptoms

Several online news sources are now reporting what many of us with family or friends on the autism spectrum know, that vaccines (or more the chemicals and number of chemicals given at one time) can cause autism in children.  Until our son started having developmental problems, we did not consider the amount of chemicals that we were allowing in his symptoms while doing a well-child checkup.  Our family firmly believes that the Heavenly Father created our body to fight infections and health problems on its own.  The only time that we need to step in and assist is if the situation is going on too long and the body itself is overwhelmed, by this stage you will be overcome with many health issues as it is that sometimes just plan sleeping or rest which will allow the body to focus on the virus or illness, will overcome your health issues.  When young children are exposed to multiple chemicals in our food, vaccines, environment etc., then our body cannot overcome them on their own quickly.  

If you choose to vaccinate your child, by all means RESEARCH and know beforehand what is going into your child.  Once the damage is done it will be very difficult if not impossible to repair!  If your child has a side effect and/or health problems seek a health practitioner who can help you.  A vaccination awareness group I am a part of have multiple stories of children who develop rashes or developmental problems only to be dismissed by the health care system or primary care physician.   

The information provided below is for informational purposes, please continue to read and research for yourself! 


By Sola Ogundipe

Following a recent study conducted by scientists at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which revealed that many infant monkeys given standard doses of childhood vaccines as part of the new research,developed autism symptoms, question marks over the ultimate safety of vaccines have come to the fore.

The groundbreaking research findings presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) in London, England, have revealed that young macaque monkeys given the typical CDC-recommended vaccination schedule from the 1990s, and in appropriate doses for the monkeys’ sizes and ages, tended to develop autism symptoms. Theirunvaccinated counterparts, on the other hand, developed no such symptoms, which points to a strong connection between vaccines and autism spectrum disorders.

This development which deconstructs mainstream myth that vaccines are safe and pose no risk of autism, was brought on by after studies on the type of proper safety research on typical childhood vaccination schedules that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should have conducted — but never has — for such regimens.

Included in the mix were vaccines containing Thimerosal, a toxic, mercury-based compound that has been phased out of some vaccines, but is still present in batch-size influenza vaccines and a few others.

Also administered was the controversial measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, which has been linked time and time again to causing autism and various other serious, and often irreversible, health problems in children.

“This research underscores the critical need for more investigation into immunizations, mercury, and the alterations seen in autistic children,” said Lyn Redwood, Director of SafeMinds, a public safety group working to expose the truth about vaccines and autism.
“SafeMinds calls for large scale, unbiased studies that look at autism medical conditions and the effects of vaccines given as a regimen.”

Adding to the sentiment, Theresa Wrangham, president of SafeMinds called out the CDC for failing to require proper safety studies of its recommended vaccination schedules. Unlike all other drugs, which must at least undergo a basic round of safety testing prior to approval and recommendation, vaccinations and vaccine schedules in particular do not have to be proven safe or effective before hitting the market.

“The full implications of this primate study await publication of the research in a scientific journal,” said Wrangham. “But we can say that it demonstrates how the CDC evaded their responsibility to investigate vaccine safety questions. Vaccine safety oversight should be removed from the CDC and given to an independent agency.””


Alex Jones

Natural News

More connections

I haven’t written on any changes or updates with our son recently.  Each day we are seeing some new connections and more awareness than was there previously.  Just last week his sisters and I would be having a conversation and he started singing a song that we have done in the past.  He doesn’t always get the entire song but the majority of it is there that you know he understands.  We have also started hearing a few more quips and statements.

It is a blessing and joy to see these connections on a regular basis! 🙂 HalleluYAH!

Protection for Parental Right bill update/UN Disability Treaty up for vote again!

Dear Readers,
If you are reading this and like myself, have or know of a child with disabilities please stay alert and help keep this bill from getting passed.  If this goes into effect then those with disabled children will no longer have a right to decide the best care for their loved one.  All decisions will be made by those who are deemed authorized!

Dear FHE members and friends,

Thank you for your help on getting HB 513, Protections for Parental Rights, passed in the Missouri House and sent to the Missouri Senate. HJR 26, a Parental Rights Amendment, also passed the final Missouri House vote this week and was sent to the Missouri Senate.

 We know there have been several very pressing and important issues facing not only the homeschool community, but also the general public. We would admonish you to “be not weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

 This brings us to yet another pressing issue: the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Treaty (UNCRPD). We understand from HSLDA that it is on the move again. HSLDA is asking that we call and e-mail our US Senators urging them to oppose the UNCRPD. Then pass this message on to family and friends.

 Senator Roy Blunt– (202) 224-5721

Senator Claire McCaskill– (202)224-6154

 See the HSLDA message below for more details.

 Thank you for your faithfulness to stand with us on these issues,

UN Disabilities Treaty on the Move

Contact Members of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee!

Mike Farris
HSLDA Founder and Chairman

We are hearing from multiple sources that the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee is gearing up to hold hearings on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The plan is to hold the hearings sometime next month.

The Senate needs to hear from you immediately that this already defeated UN treaty must not be ratified by the U.S. Senate. The United States Senate must not surrender our domestic sovereignty and the care of children with disabilities to unelected, unaccountable UN bureaucrats. Parents know best how to care for their children with disabilities. U.S. law is the gold standard for ensuring that people with disabilities are protected and able to participate in all areas of U.S. society.

The U.S. Senate is in recess this week, which means that your senators are back in your state meeting with constituents. Please do three things:

1.    Call and email your two U.S. senators and urge them to oppose the UN CRPD. The Capitol Hill Switchboard is 202-224-3121begin_of_the_skype_highlighting skype-ie-addon-data://res/numbers_button_skype_logo.png202-224-3121 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and you can use this link to email your senators.

2.    Find out if there is a constituent meeting in your area, or see if you can visit your U.S. senators while they are on recess. You can visit HSLDA’s Legislative Toolbox, click on your state, and then click on your senators to find their personal webpage.

3.    Please share this article with your friends and family, and educate them about the dangers that this UN treaty poses to parental rights, homeschool freedom, and our nation’s sovereignty.

Your message to your senators can be as simple as the following:

“I urge you to oppose the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This treaty surrenders U.S. sovereignty to unelected UN bureaucrats and will threaten parental care of children with disabilities. Our nation already has laws to protect Americans with disabilities. This treaty is unnecessary and will hurt families by giving bureaucrats the power to decide what is in the best interests of a child with disabilities, not the child’s parents.”

To find out more about the CRPD please click here. To read the text of the CRPD please click here.

Thank you for joining with us in this battle to protect our children and our children’s future. You defeated this treaty last year. Standing together, we can defeat this treaty once again.