Spending Time Together

I’m late posting this, but a few days I spent an AWESOME time with my son making one of his favorite dishes….. PIZZA!  I was greatly surprised in how many things he knew and how resourceful he was in getting those items that were needed.  He seemed to enjoy putting in the necessary items and getting all the pans out and ready for baking.

One of my weaknesses is letting go and seeing how much Nathan can accomplish when given the time and space to do so.  My husband is always reminding me that I need to let him exercise his autonomy but I tend to rush in too soon in order to get things done faster (at least that is how I rationalize it).  This concept is very bad if you wish for your child to develop skills of independence.  However, those moments you let go is similar to watching your child ride a bike for the first time, you are apprehensive and excited at the same time!  🙂

The time I spent made up for all the frustrations in feeling like my teaching and educational moments were not going anywhere.  It is truly a blessing to discover that what you are striving to instill in your children is taking effect.  If you are getting discouraged that your son/daughter is not absorbing what they are learning try taking some time and just enjoy your time together, you may be greatly surprised!

P.S.  We also received high reviews on the pizza, even from the most critical family members! 🙂


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