Fevers, questions and answered prayers!

The first part of the previous week Nathan struggled with a high fever and lethargy.  When dealing with a child or even an adult that cannot communicate his/her symptoms it is difficult to know what is going on.  The first day his fever was high so we treated with ibuprofen which brought it down drastically.  At first it was just a little bit over 100 degrees and then when we brought it down it went to 97 degrees, then the next day it was back up but even higher, and so forth.  We battled with this problem for three days trying to figure what was going on.  He didn’t exhibit any symptoms of having a cold etc. We kept praying for answers to what might be wrong when I finally did a search on the internet and found another mother with a child older than Nathan who was having the same problem.

At least with a high constant temp you know the body is killing off whatever bug you have, but when your body temps goes to 97 degrees or lower we’ve now added a new health dimension.

The mother’s solution, after three weeks of this problem, was to visit the doctor and discover that her child had strep, therefore, a treatment of antibiotics was in order.  Since we try to treat everything naturally if at all possible, I decided to add garlic to his vitamin routine and see if we could help fight off whatever was going on in the body.  In just 24 hours he was back to his old self and more!!! 🙂

Praise Yahweh for natural remedies and answered prayers without a trip to the doctor for medication that might have put him down longer!!



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