An article about “stimming”; what is it and the causes?…….

I would like to share an excellent article about what “stimming“.  For more great information about autism; behaviors and treatment join the newsletter group.

As it relates to autism, stimming is a repetitive body movement that self- stimulates one or more senses in a regular pattern. Stimming is one of the symptoms listed for autism diagnosis although it is also observed in about 10% of young children without autism. Also, many children with autism exhibit no stimming behaviour. Common forms of stimming among autistic individusals include hand flapping, body spinning or rocking, lining up or spinning toys or other objects, repeating sounds, etc.

Stimming can result from a variety of causes.  We don’t know for certain why stimming is so common, the most popular theory is that it helps to regulate sensory input. Stimming helps the individual to block out any uncomfortable sensory input such as noise, light, etc. – and allows the person to experience the sensations they crave. Changes in the diet may help to improve stimming in some cases.

Although stimming behaviors in children with autism are very common, the good news is that many of these behaviors can be minimized if the underlying causes are addressed and corrected.  As these excessive body motions are reduced, children become more teachable and responsive to their therapies, therefore improving autism dramatically….”

 When we first experienced this behavior it was concerning and confusing as to why our son was acting this way.  “Head banging” is another common stimming behavior with the children who have autism or sensory disorders.  

We have found that consistent exercises, herbal or vitamin treatments, “dry brushing”, sitting on a ball periodically throughout the day, proper diet, and keeping your child focused on activities or tasks all help give the sensory circuits information they are seeking, which help eliminate inappropriate behaviors.



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