New research: Toxic connection between fluoride and aluminum

In previous posts I’ve discussed the damages of aluminum on a body, especially one that has deficiencies.  While in the health food store recently I came across an article detailing not only the damages of aluminum but of the combined effects of fluoride and aluminum.

In this week’s excerpt from “Lessons from the Miracle Doctors”, Jon Barron reveals the toxic connection between fluoride and aluminum.

It has been know for some thirty years that aluminum, once it enters our bodies, has the tendency to accumulate in our brains, where it kills of neurons and leads to memory loss.  And thanks to the significant amounts of aluminum found in food emulsifiers, antiperspirant deodorants, hair sprays, baking powder, many toothpastes (the white base used in many toothpastes is aluminum dioxide), much of our drinking water, and most of our cookware, we are exposed to quite a lot of aluminum over the course of our lives.  There has been much speculation, therefore, that aluminum may be one of the prime factors in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  The connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s became even strong when in 1995, Neurotoxicology reported that widespread use of aluminum salts to purify water could account for the large numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

And now new research has revealed that fluoride in drinking water makes the aluminum that we ingest more bioavailable.  In the presence of fluoride, more aluminum crosses the blood-brain barrier and is deposited in the brain.  The combination of aluminum and fluoride causes the same pathological changes in brain tissue that are found in Alzheimer’s patients.””

Some common food products that we don’t consider having aluminum are: breads, cakes, cookies, tortillas, many packaged items, even organic products may contain aluminum!!  Please read labels and if in doubt do NOT buy it.  It is better to make things from scratch and KNOW what is going into your food.   Be aware of chemical names and if it contains sodium aluminum phosphate or anything containing aluminum in the chemical properties/name avoid it!!




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