Vaccine Resource

Our family had the privilege a few weeks ago of attending a conference where a couple who focuses on informing the public of the dangers of vaccines was doing a presentation.  It seemed at first that we wouldn’t make it but I am so glad that we did!  During the presentation we learned about the ingredients in the vaccines and the damages to the body that some of the ingredients can cause.

First the wife, who had lost a child from a “vaccine injury” (where the body has an unfavorable reaction to a vaccine, when before there were no apparent problems) shared the battles she endured trying to get treatment and therapy for her daughter.  After her presentation, her husband whio is a cellular biochemist shared how our cells work and explained the damage that is done to our body and cellular structure when we introduce vaccines and foods into our diet that are not meant to be there.

This husband and wife team have made it their mission to travel around and offer services and seminars on the dangers of vaccine.  You can contact the Renee at obtain business cards to pass out free of charge helping to inform others of the dangers and problems with vaccinations.

When Renee shared how her daughter became sick and died after her vaccination the doctors insisted on testing her son who had never received a vaccination, the doctors were astounded that he did NOT have the same disease nor problems that her daughter had suffered as well as they informed her they have never seen such “PURE” blood!!

PLEASE, PLEASE READERS, Educate yourself on what is going into your child’s and your bodies.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or refuse until you have studied out what you are choosing to do.

My daughter was so inspired that she shared her own review of the seminar which can be read here:





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