Music and Autism – can one help the other?

I received this email recently and have found in our own son’s life that music is an important tool in his life!  I hope this article is beneficial to you as it was to me!
“Music has often been referred to as the universal language. It is, in an essence, the most common form of communication, transgressing all boundaries of culture, religion and even language to express emotion. This is precisely why Dr. Robert Melillo has implemented music therapy into his Brain Balance Program. Music therapy can be used to improve communication and social skills, since it provides children with an outlet and keeps them engaged. A music therapist may play music for patients to sing or dance to, or children may express themselves through playing music themselves. Some may even choose to learn to play a musical instrument themselves, helping them acquire an interest in learning a particular skill. After learning to make music and how to move to music, children gain emotional outlets as well as a sense of fulfillment that they were lacking before the therapy.Music therapy works because children do not perceive the introduction of music as a threat. Discussion-based therapies are often too intrusive to the child, whereas therapists who engage patients through the introduction of a musical instrument are much more likely to see positive results. For example, children who are otherwise incapable of social interaction might enjoy a game that is set to music versus one that is not. A certified music therapist can help create a plan for the child, keeping his or her specific needs in mind and implementing strategies that will offer the best results for the individual.”


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