Action Needed Wednesday to Halt CRPD in Senate (TODAY-WED., OCT. 31, 2012)


October 30, 2012

Action Needed Wednesday to Halt CRPD in Senate

Ireland will soon be voting on whether or not to amend their constitution to include children’s rights, removing the centuries-old presumption that fit parents act in the best interest of their children. Decisions would fall to bureaucrats rather than to parents whenever children are involved and any question of “best interest” arises.

Parental rights groups in New Zealand are fighting desperately to prevent a bill that would require any child receiving government aid to attend a government-licensed Early Childhood Education (ECE) program for at least 15 hours each week. Currently, aid is offered through a non-discriminatory, needs-based approach. The proposed law would make aid available only to those willing to let government bureaucrats shape the development and learning of their children from ages 3 to 5 years.

And in Alberta, the right of parents to put their children in a private or parochial school – in fact, to educate their children by any means other than public schools – was very narrowly saved when a bill was recently amended to restore that right. The Canadian province was one vote away from forcing all children into state-run schools.

Parents and lawmakers in all three of these countries are dealing with the same struggle: a clash of ideologies that would replace fit and loving parents with government bureaucrats as the best decision makers for children. In each instance lawmakers are responding to their country’s perceived obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), a binding human rights treaty to which all three nations are a party.

Could such an approach to children ever come here to the United States?

It is already much closer than many realize.

The Looming Threat of the CRPD

This summer a powerful effort was made in the U.S. Senate to adopt the U.N.’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), a human rights treaty like the CRC. And like that instrument, the CRPD also provides that “the best interests of the child” should be a primary consideration in all cases concerning children. This is a “term of art” in international law which is used to defend and promote the idea that governments and not parents should make decisions for children.

The CRPD passed out of Senate committee on July 26, and was brought to the floor for a general consensus vote on September 19. If Senator Lee of Utah had not been present to halt the maneuver, CRPD ratification may have passed then and there.

Take Action to Halt This Dangerous Treaty!

We have long believed that the lame duck session poses a big threat regarding this treaty, and we are even more convinced as it draws closer. That’s why right now is the time to act.

We need to make sure that when the Senate reconvenes in two weeks they know we are still watching, and we still oppose this treaty. We need your help tomorrow, October 31, to get that message out through a concerted one-day social media campaign.

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Post to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed (or both!) that you oppose this treaty as a violation of parental rights and American sovereignty that offers no additional protections for Americans with disabilities. Include the “hashtags” #CRPD or #UNCRPD in your posts so that others looking for comments on this topic will see what you have to say.

If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, consider creating one just for this purpose – it is that important!

2. Using the same hashtags, find your senators’ Twitter feeds or Facebook fan pages and leave a comment there. They will not see your page, but they have staffers monitoring theirs who will see your comments and take note.

3. Pass it on to all of your friends. A lot of organizations have come out in support of this treaty because they simply do not understand the impact it will have on American and international law. We must make our voices heard before it is too late!

Here is an example of how to use a hashtag in a Twitter feed comment (“tweet”): “Oppose the #UNCRPD – a violation of #parentalrights and U.S. self-government!”

(The sample tweet also uses our own #parentalrights hashtag, but your comments do not have to.)

Please post several comments or tweets in your own words throughout the day to keep this issue in front of policy makers and the general public.

Then, be ready for a call blitz to the Senate – coming soon!

Thank you for standing with us to keep these treaties from taking away our parental rights!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research


October 31, 2012

Oppose CRPD in Social Media Today!

As we alerted you yesterday, we need to oppose the CRPD through social media today. Post messages on your senators’ Facebook fan pages, and post messages (“tweets”) on Twitter as well, using the #CRPD or #UNCRPD hashtags in your message. You can find a list of several senators’ Twitter names here.

I know this is outside the “comfort zone” of a lot of us, but it is vital we get the message in front of the public and our policy makers today.

Please put messages in your own words, but here are a few you can quote or use as a springboard to get you started:

The #UNCRPD undermines #parentalrights for those with disabled children.

Children are better protected through #parentalrights than the “best interests” principle of the #CRPD.

#CRPD destroys parents’ rights and American sovereignty, does nothing for disabled Americans.

Parents with disabled kids need support, not new bosses. Reject the #CRPD.

US ratifying #CRPD will not force changes abroad or help disabled Americans. American law for Americans!

Reject #CRPD. Support #parentalrights for disabled parents and parents with disabled kids.

Support our vets: keep the American self-government they fought for. Reject the #CRPD.

Thank you for joining us in this important social media campaign!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research



Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Autism, liver disease link?)

I received an email from one of my subscriptions indicating the problems that Tylenol has caused in developing children and a possibility that it could be a link to autism.   I highly recommend that you do your own study to determine if that is the case in your family and/or what you can do about it.

In my research I was surprised to read that some of the damage done by overdoses of tylenol to the liver, and the depletion of important chemicals the liver needs to excrete toxins out of the body will produce low levels of glutathione and sulfate which are needed by the body.  Due to the depletion of this “chemical”  a child with autism or liver disease is not able to tolerate certain foods  such as: wheat, corn, sugar, apples, bananas, chocolate, cheese, and other dairy products since the body needs sulfates to digest/process them.

Several diet groups have recommended the addition of glutathione to the diet and I am now starting to see why this is suggested.  As I recall both my son and I took a lot Tylenol for various health problems when he was a child.  Am I saying that this caused his problems, no, but knowing how the body breaks down over-the-counter medicine and it’s connection to a body with deficiencies is very important to know.  Sometimes it is best to let the body heal itself on its own and not interfere.

Please see the link below for further information…..


IMPORTANT: What religious exemption? AB2109 Religious exemption no longer allowed on vaccines

This email was sent out from VACinfo (Renee – who did the presentation in St. Louis MO) please read and join the group for more important updates:


“Please visit the link below to get more details and we thank Dr. Tim O’Shea for his continued hard work to help these innocent victims.

CA Religious Exemption? Believe it when you see it!

Don’t be thinking that AB2109 had any kind of redeeming upside, any silver lining.  It was an unmitigated disaster.  

You probably heard that AB2109 came to its predictable resolution on I Oct when Jerry Brown signed it into law.  As a last minute distractor from this unprecedented violation of the rights of CA parents, Brown threw the dogs a bone – a mention of a religious exemption. ‘Don’t dismay, we’re taking away this, but we’re going to give you this.’ 

But no matter what you may read, be very clear about this:  there is no religious exemption for vaccines in California.  All we have is a vague and undefined promise of a religious exemption at some undetermined time in the future.  From a politician –  a politician who surreptitiously signed the bill that allowed schools to vaccinate kids without their parents’ knowledge or permission.  


No one has any idea of the nature of this alleged future religious exemption – its restrictions, its content, its enforcement – nothing.  No assurance it will ever happen at all.  So don’t be taken in by any false adulation or consolation-prize-type sentiments you might read on facebook or any other irresponsible source of hearsay.  

There is unequivocally no upside to the passage of AB2109.  It was and is a quantum step backward in American pediatrics, in American life. The world just got a little worse.              See Articles AB2109.  

Now even though this law is passed and will never be revoked, it doesn’t go into effect until some time in 2014, at the earliest.  It will take the luminaries in Sacramento that long to write the new medical cosignature form.  So until that time, the old exemption forms are still good, still law in California.  So don’t let any school tell you they’re not.  Some might try that trick.

As we said in earlier newsletters and on the site, AB2109 didn’t just randomly happen.  It is the culmination of years of planning, beginning with the 2007 meeting in Washington DC by the engineers of the program to demonize and eliminate vaccine exemptions.  CA was the test state – the guinea pig.  Now the template is set.  It’s a foregone conclusion the same law will be introduced into every other state in the next 2 years. “

TDW has been saying that ever since AB2109 was introduced.  Now watch it come true.  

VIC (Vaccine Information Coalition)
Autism is 1 in 67 children today and it’s impossible to have a genetic epidemic! 
Please learn from our mistake and educate BEFORE you vaccinate!
For more information visit or call 800-939-8227

Positive updates and changes

Our family has just returned from our “vacation” (biblically commanded Feast days) and whether it was the command to keep Feasts, the camping, fresh air or just being around other wonderful brethren we all noticed how much more coherent Nathan was in his communication and understanding (personally – I believe it was all of the above!!)

I noticed after coming home that we were so busy all week that Nathan did not have his normal vitamin routine and he still seemed to have made major improvements from the week before.  Even some friends that we have not seen in several months commented on how they can understand what he is trying to say to them! 🙂  All praise be to Yahweh for the wonderful works he is doing in Nathan’s life!!

For a long time now I have wanted to share a song that has touched and helped me through the wondering and questions that I have regarding Nathan’s struggles…., (here is the documentary on how the song came to be),  in the last few years I have had complete strangers come up to me and tell me that Nathan is such a blessing to them and that he has such a sweet spirit about him.

Since I started this blog it has been my hope and desire to share with others information I have learned, as well as encourage parents with autism or children with learning disabilities to help your child be the best person that Yahweh created them to be!!



In Loving Memory… » Sheba

Dedicated to Bear Sheba Shalom, who passed away prematurely, but leaves fond memories behind.
The Father took her for a reason only He knows, but we thank Him for the years we did have her.
Praise Yahweh for the blessings of her and her daughter Cinnabon, who died many years ago.
We’ll miss her a lot, but thankfully she’s no longer in any pain.

Ecc 3:1 For every matter there is an appointed time, even a time for every pursuit under the heavens: Ecc 3:2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot;

Job 1:21 …Yahweh gave, and Yahweh hath taken away; blessed be the name of Yahweh.

– The Avalos Family


Music and Autism – can one help the other?

I received this email recently and have found in our own son’s life that music is an important tool in his life!  I hope this article is beneficial to you as it was to me!
“Music has often been referred to as the universal language. It is, in an essence, the most common form of communication, transgressing all boundaries of culture, religion and even language to express emotion. This is precisely why Dr. Robert Melillo has implemented music therapy into his Brain Balance Program. Music therapy can be used to improve communication and social skills, since it provides children with an outlet and keeps them engaged. A music therapist may play music for patients to sing or dance to, or children may express themselves through playing music themselves. Some may even choose to learn to play a musical instrument themselves, helping them acquire an interest in learning a particular skill. After learning to make music and how to move to music, children gain emotional outlets as well as a sense of fulfillment that they were lacking before the therapy.Music therapy works because children do not perceive the introduction of music as a threat. Discussion-based therapies are often too intrusive to the child, whereas therapists who engage patients through the introduction of a musical instrument are much more likely to see positive results. For example, children who are otherwise incapable of social interaction might enjoy a game that is set to music versus one that is not. A certified music therapist can help create a plan for the child, keeping his or her specific needs in mind and implementing strategies that will offer the best results for the individual.”

Career options for Autistic people

For those of you who wonder if there is a future for your child this resource gives you suggestions of options that might be available.  Please visit this link for further suggestions:


There are multiple career choices for those who are autistic. In fact, there are many careers for which autism could be beneficial. Many people with autism tend to have a very narrow focus when it comes to their interests, and this can be turned into a very successful career.

The field of science is well suited for those with autism. Most of the scientific disciplines require an intense attention to detail as well as the ability to strictly follow procedures and routine practices. The majority of the population find these kinds of demands tedious and stifling, but someone with autism could flourish in this type of environment. Scientists, lab technicians, researchers and assistants are all excellent positions for someone with autism.

Manufacturing offers an excellent opportunity for the autistic as well. Many manufacturing jobs involve repetitive tasks that the average person would find monotonous. But, these tasks are perfect for someone with autism because the monotony can be very soothing making assembly line work actually enjoyable.

Animals are comforting for everyone. But for someone who is autistic and has difficulty relating to other people, working with animals can be the perfect choice. There is no risk of miscommunication. A veterinarian technician or even a veterinarian could be a fulfilling career.

Technology is another option for those who have difficulty interacting with people. Working with computers and software can be ideal for the autistic person with a gift for math and complex systems. Computer programmers or software engineers are excellent choices.

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Vaccine Resource

Our family had the privilege a few weeks ago of attending a conference where a couple who focuses on informing the public of the dangers of vaccines was doing a presentation.  It seemed at first that we wouldn’t make it but I am so glad that we did!  During the presentation we learned about the ingredients in the vaccines and the damages to the body that some of the ingredients can cause.

First the wife, who had lost a child from a “vaccine injury” (where the body has an unfavorable reaction to a vaccine, when before there were no apparent problems) shared the battles she endured trying to get treatment and therapy for her daughter.  After her presentation, her husband whio is a cellular biochemist shared how our cells work and explained the damage that is done to our body and cellular structure when we introduce vaccines and foods into our diet that are not meant to be there.

This husband and wife team have made it their mission to travel around and offer services and seminars on the dangers of vaccine.  You can contact the Renee at obtain business cards to pass out free of charge helping to inform others of the dangers and problems with vaccinations.

When Renee shared how her daughter became sick and died after her vaccination the doctors insisted on testing her son who had never received a vaccination, the doctors were astounded that he did NOT have the same disease nor problems that her daughter had suffered as well as they informed her they have never seen such “PURE” blood!!

PLEASE, PLEASE READERS, Educate yourself on what is going into your child’s and your bodies.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or refuse until you have studied out what you are choosing to do.

My daughter was so inspired that she shared her own review of the seminar which can be read here: