Struggling to help your child learn?


This email was posted to our homeschool group.  Disclaimer: I have not used their services or know anyone who has, this is just being offered to those who might it to be useful.


Whether your child has been diagnosed with autism, ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, or other learning or developmental challenges, we can help. The Family Hope Center has trained hundreds of parents like you to follow a program that helps restore your child’s brain function. At our upcoming 3-day Parent Training Conference, you’ll learn:

The source of your child’s difficulty . . . the brain.
When the affected areas of the brain are successfully treated, many of the symptoms begin to disappear. You will learn which areas of the brain can be treated to address your child’s specific needs.

How to heal that part of the brain.
As parents, you’re uniquely qualified to provide treatment. We’ll show you how nutrition, oxygen, and consistent focus on developing sensory pathways will improve their learning, coordination, mobility, and social success

“After 18 months of searching for help, it was the first time we had HOPE in our quest to help Parker. I  take nothing for granted and feel blessed every day when I see him so happy.

I truly could never imagine the child that you first met would be the child he is today! Thank you Family Hope Center, for giving our family Hope when we desperately needed it! We love you all!”

Jenn and Tim D





We’re giving away 50 copies of our 2 DVD set for parents to help your children develop and grow to their fullest potential by helping you to understand your children better.


Child Brain Development experts Matthew and Carol Newell will lead you in this informative 3-hour class about child brain development and what you can do to start helping your child today.



Check out their website.



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