Alpha & Omega Publications Anniversary Sale


Announcing AOP’s 35th Anniversary Sale!
Celebrate AOP’s 35th anniversary with 35 days of savings! Enjoy 10% off everything and free shipping* now through 9/24/12 with code 35YEARS.
Share in the celebratory savings on all of your homeschooling items for this fall during Alpha Omega Publications’ 35th Anniversary Sale! Through 9/24/12, get 10% off everything and free shipping any time you spend over $35 and use code 35YEARS. To order, simply call 800-622-3070 or shop online!

Release the wonder of learning with this online homeschool curriculum for grades 3-12! Compatible with Windows® and Macintosh®, Monarch has five core subjects and over 35 electives that are accessible 24/7. Filled with hands-on elements, Monarch includes fun educational games, as well as teacher-friendly tools like automatic grading and lesson planning.

Switched-On Schoolhouse
Stimulate your child’s education like never before with an interactive, CD-ROM curriculum that makes learning fun. Packed with cutting-edge multimedia, SOS offers students in grades 3-12 five core subjects and over 35 electives filled with video clips and exciting review games, as well as time-saving administrative features like a lesson planning calendar and automatic grading.

LIFEPAC is a proven learning format that offers five core subjects in math, history and geography, science, language arts, and Bible. Each subject includes ten worktext units filled with self-paced, mastery-based lessons and fun activities independent learners love. Promoting critical thinking skills, LIFEPAC provides a Christ-centered education at a price you can afford.

Offering colorful, fun, and solid academics, Horizons presents lessons that use a spiral learning approach to keep children engaged and excited to learn about math, phonics and reading, penmanship, spelling and vocabulary, health, and physical education. Plus, with step-by-step lesson plans in each teacher’s guide, you’ll quickly discover why parents love Horizons, too.

The Weaver Curriculum
Designed to teach multiple grade levels at the same time, Weaver focuses on Scripture and weaves other subjects through the Bible concept of the day. Language arts, history, geography, and science come to life through each unit study, using hands-on activities like experiments, cooking, drama, writing, and other lessons to explore God’s world.


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