Important notice about registering your homeschool


This note was passed on to me by the director of FHE (Families for Home Education):

Greetings to Homeschool Families in the mid-MO area,
It has come to my attention that the city of Ashland has once again paid to have a notice printed in the paper which comes across as amandatory request that home educators register with the school district.
Please spread the word among those families who may not receive this message through email. (Can someone send me the address for the JC secular homeschool support group? Can’t locate it at this moment. Or fwd this on to them?).
The same notice was printed in Ashland a couple of years ago, and included some tricky wording to imply that if you did not register then you might be considered truant.  This is blatently wrong.  You are within your rights to choose home education without formally registering with the district.  The wording of the compulsory education statute pertaining to home schools specifically says you “may” register.  This wording was a huge legislative victory back in 1983, because volunteer homeschool lobbyists wanted it to be made clear that most homeschoolers do not want to be under the oversight of public education officials.
Two years ago, Scott Woodruff, legal counsel for HSLDA, sent a letter that explains why a requirement for homeschool families to register with the local school district is legally out-of-bounds   I have copies of that letter if you would like to see it / share it.
The reason that the schools would like you to register has to do with numbers and dollars.  It undoubtedly does not have to do with them caring about the education of your children.
I will be scanning in the notice printed in the paper and sending it in to FHE and HSLDA leaders to make them aware of this issue.



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