All’s well on the homefront

Since my last post, all seems to be going well at the moment.  Nathan seems to be exhibiting normal behavior for the developmental years he has missed.  A couple of new additions to our household have been a great improvement to his growth.

A few months ago both of our older treadmills quit working.  It took awhile but this time we decided to use manual workout equipment instead of motors and save ourselves the hassle of expensive replacement units.  Therefore, for the price of one electric treadmill we purchased a manual bicycle (stationary) and a manual treadmill.  Trying to teach a child who doesn’t understand ordinary concepts has been challenging but he seems determined to learn.  The bike is the equipment he enjoys the most and tries to make an effort in pedaling.  The treadmill on the other hand is very difficult for him to “power” unless we are moving the belt for him.  As we are learning both of these instruments are excellent for improving his motor coordination!

Whether it is the physical exercise or his age Nathan seems to be adjusting and growing like an ordinary little boy.