Growing and learning

I haven’t written a post in a while.  Things have been really hectic the last few months.  However, great changes have been made in our son’s progress.  We did a trial run with the Zeolite powder and noticed his cognitive awareness was increased tremendously.  We went on vacation and like most people keeping up the vitamin routine is very difficult.  However, many people who knew Nathan since he was really small had noticed a big change in him.

Once we got home, I ordered some new vitamins via the homeopath Dr. that I recommended in the earlier blog.  However, shortly after receiving those we had company come and visit for a week, and I started a new job, things are slowly starting to get in a routine though again.  Toward the end of the visit I noticed that his speech had slowed down again therefore I gave him some more DMAE and it started right up.

During our week vacation I came across other parents who have had questions and concerns about behaviors and activities that their child exhibited but didn’t find anyone who could answer them.  My best advice to all those involved, keep asking questions!  If your doctor doesn’t answer you, talk to a friend, neighbor or anyone you can think of.  Most likely, you will come across someone who has experienced what you are going through.

An epiphany I just experienced was our visitors were grandparents who have not had much contact with Nathan over the years.  During the visit, some of the behaviors I used to think were medical conditions are actually traits passed down from his parents.  This alters my “treatment” protocol because now I realize that the more I don’t correct these undesirable behaviors the more he will do them when he gets older.

Discipline with a disabled child can be very difficult as it is extremely important to their well-being.  We (often mothers) tend to protect or as some would say “coddle” their child because of their condition.  My problem is that I don’t know how much he understands of “no” or other corrections that work on his older sisters.  His mental capacity is not at the same level as theirs, however, after reading numerous books about the importance of protecting them from abusers or others who would take advantage of their situation; it is becoming a #1 concern to me that I know needs to be corrected.

In the last few weeks I have heard several sentences that are starting to make sense, and requests that can be understood.  He still gets excited and goes on a “tirade” about something he is upset or concerned about, but for the most part he is starting to increase his vocabulary and personality.

Even though my “treatments” – vitamin regime hasn’t been as regulated as it should, he is still making some progress but it also gives us a good idea of what is working well.

Continue to the fight and know that in the end with prayer and patience the journey you have been on, both of you will have learned a lot about each other and what is needed for optimal health! 🙂

Until next time!


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