Detoxing and Zeolite

Another parent of an autistic child shared with me recently about detoxing your child of all the metals and pollutants in the body.  Children with ASD are more prone to metal toxicity.  If you are like me there are so many diets and treatments available on the market that you can literally go into debt just trying to find something that might help your child, but most importantly that is also SAFE!

I for one believe in eating healthy instead of trying various diets and formulas to “fix” what is wrong.  Our children are not science experiments. If you do decide to use supplements it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you seek advice from a professional before just randomly giving your child something that you THINK might work because another person said it did for their child.  It is very important to remember that each person is different, what might work for you may have fatal results for me.  If your child is mostly nonverbal like our son, then it is vital that you proceed with caution in using supplements or other treatments.

With that being said, I would like to address detoxing.  There are so many treatments, products and resources online, in stores and pretty much wherever you go for getting rid of toxins in the body.  Since I have not had much success from my son’s doctors in treating his health problems we have decided to make changes in our lives via our diet. We have also tried a product called Zeolite. Another parent informed me about its health benefits in ridding the body of metals given via immunizations.  I was skeptical about it working since it has been several years that our son has had shots.  In my research I discovered that Zeolite is extremely safe to take and can be given to anybody except infants.  It works much like charcoal in the body.  If you have not taken charcoal what it does is; if you or feeling ill with the flu or other health issue, you consume the recommended dosage and it will go in the body and start binding/collecting up the virus bug or other invader that is attacking the body and expel it via the bowels.

Our son has been taking Zeolite for a few weeks now and I have been extremely surprised.  For the first time I have some hope that he might start making some improvements academically!  His recall and understanding has improved considerably.  He has a bowel movement every day that he is given Zeolite.  This past weekend was the first time that he asked to go spend some time with his daddy! 🙂

The vocalization still needs some improvement but in the past when I played Uno Moo with him, which I use to teach him his colors, I would have to walk through all the colors several times with him missing about 90% of the time.  I recently played the game with him again and when I asked for a certain color and animal he was able to pick it out of the group, sometimes in the first try!!

Something very important to remember about detoxing, if you are trying to rid the body of metals and other pollutants it is extremely vital to read labels in order that you don’t put back into the body what you are trying to flush out.  If you have never heard of Zeolite, check it out and see if it is safe for your family.

I am not a doctor and what I am stating here is not to be confused with medical advice.  Each person is different and may have an adverse reaction to something that is mentioned in this blog!

If you have used Zeolite or another product to detox and have a comment, please feel free to share.




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