Autism Enzyme blog

In my research for software and academic resources for teaching our child, I came across an Autism Enzyme blog.  Since I have joined a couple of weeks ago, it has proven to be very informational.  If you have a concern or question about digestion, bedwetting, licking issues or other behavioral questions.  You can ask other parents who are going through the same thing you are:

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I hope you enjoy this group as much as I have!!! 🙂


HBOT treatment

It’s been awhile since I last posted an update….  I have been researching and trying out various software programs and treatments to try out with Nathan.

We were wanting to have Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment done on our son to see if it might help his developmental delays, however, the cost of treatment is very prohibitive.  Recently our family attended a conference where another visitor heard me talking about HBOT and told me that there is a clinic down the street that offers this service to autistic patients at a very reasonable rate.

I called for pricing and found out that we can afford a couple of treatments for our son and see if this might be the answer. Our family is very excited about this opportunity and will keep you posted on the outcome.

On a side note: I encourage to keep visiting, calling and asking around to find treatments for you child!  In my initial search for this service I was told that nobody near our area offered HBOT to autistic children as there is no proven research that it works, but they do offer it for wound patients.  When my husband injured his arm a year ago I encouraged him to contact his doctor about getting this treatment, his doctor told him that there is no proven research that it works and we should just stick with medication shots.

The doctor who is offering services to our son is a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor!!