Hyperbaric Oxgen Treatment

I have been receiving emails lately from an organization in Illinois that offers Hbot to austic children.  After trying to get in touch with them for a couple of weeks, I found out that they will offer a trial treatment for you and your child to see if it will work for you.

We have been intrigued with the results of this treatment and would like to see if the results would work for our child, however, frequent treatments can be costly out of pocket.

If you have been trying to find someone who would offer this treatment without doctor’s forms, I recommend giving this organization a call.   1-847-854-8052

This organization will send you the paperwork needed to get started, one of the most important will be if your child has been diagnosed with autism they will need the report.  The cost for an initial trial treatment is $150-$160.

The intake coordinator told me to visit http://www.generationrescue.org, this is website that offers grants to qualifying families for treatment of their children with autism.


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