Hyperbaric Oxgen Treatment

I have been receiving emails lately from an organization in Illinois that offers Hbot to austic children.  After trying to get in touch with them for a couple of weeks, I found out that they will offer a trial treatment for you and your child to see if it will work for you.

We have been intrigued with the results of this treatment and would like to see if the results would work for our child, however, frequent treatments can be costly out of pocket.

If you have been trying to find someone who would offer this treatment without doctor’s forms, I recommend giving this organization a call.   1-847-854-8052

This organization will send you the paperwork needed to get started, one of the most important will be if your child has been diagnosed with autism they will need the report.  The cost for an initial trial treatment is $150-$160.

The intake coordinator told me to visit http://www.generationrescue.org, this is website that offers grants to qualifying families for treatment of their children with autism.


Autism Educational Software

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been busy looking up software to help supplement the flash cards and workbooks with my son.  We have problem with him working independently on a project.  If I give him memory cards, it requires me to sit with him and prompt the activity.

I have found a program that is reasonably priced in helping him learn and improve academic skills.  It was written my an autistic parent with the understanding that some children will require lots of repetition.

You can do a 30 day FREE trial to see if it meets your needs, once you have completed the 30 days you can email them and request more time if needed.  The cost of the software is $150, which is a great price compared to some that I have seen.  I couldn’t believe that some places were charging $1,000-$20,000 for their program.

DT Trainer

I have been using this program a couple of days now, and I have to say that compared to the others I “test drove” this seems to be a winner.  Some things I like about it:

1. It will continue asking the question until the child gets the right answer

2. There are short little breaks in the lesson, which is a great help for the children who can’t concentrate on something for very long.

3.  The program can be customized to meet your child’s needs, including how long he/she spends on a lesson.

4. It is a great bonus that they offer a Trial period in order for you to see if it will meet your needs, without having to waste more money on something that won’t work.

5.  This program allows the child to work independently

Since there is a FREE trial, I highly recommend trying it out and see if it works for your child’s needs.





Byonetics Software Therapy

I have been reviewing several different software programs to help my son improve his academic skills.  In my research I came across this website offering a way to “reset” the developmental switches in autistic children.  There are not a lot of reviews as to whether this product really works.  The cost is about $800 for the CD’s which includes a “Seven Spectrum Lighting System”.

Visit the website: Byonetics.org

If you have used this product, could you please send a comment as to improvement or change whether good or bad?  Did it change your child’s behavior and help him speak?

FREE Browser for Autistic children

I came across this link to use with autistic children.  It is  a FREE browser that will prevent your child from accessing areas in the computer that you do not want him to.  I downloaded this program to my son’s computer this morning but had not told his older sisters about the program in detail.  Later on the girls asked me how to get out of the program as it wouldn’t let them close it the way they normally do. 🙂

We have often had a problem with Nathan opening the control panel, uninstalling programs, playing around in the C drive as he is trying to get where he wants to go.  This browser was specifically designed for his needs and to keep him from doing damage to his computer while learning or playing his games.


I would recommend giving this browser a try!