Enjoying the sunny weather!

The weather has been nice and sunny most days.  It has been a great opportunity to get our children out and enjoy the sunshine.  I’ve noticed a big change this year in my son.  Last year when Nathan would play outside he often seemed removed and afraid to touch the grass or other textures that he didn’t like.  However, this year he actually sits on the grass and will play with our dog, drive his toy truck around, ride his big wheel and make a small attempt at interacting with his sisters! 🙂

Twice now when we go outside to run through the sprinklers he will wait until it is on the ground and if no one is looking he will pick it up and run after us spraying and laughing at the same time!!  His attention span is not very long but at least he is making more attempts than previous summers.

The last few times we have gone swimming he has participated in the water more instead of sitting on the sidelines afraid to come in.

Looking forward to more sunny days of play! 🙂


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