Social Skills Suggestions

A question was posed to me recently about tips for improving social skills.  I admit that this is a problem that I frequently have to address with Nathan.  For the most part he is a very friendly little boy and sweet to most of the people that he is around, however, he has a problem giving people space or touching their faces when they don’t want him too.  He will also pick on his sisters (which could just be  a sibling thing)!

Some suggestions that I passed on were: in our area we have an organization that provides get-togethers for children with autism and their family.  One group in particular that we were interested in was a music group.  This is where other autistic children get together and do activities to music.   Having your child around others will help familiarize them social etiquette without having to explain to someone why he/she is behaving the way they are.  There are many other events offered besides the “music group” but it gives you an idea of what is available. If you are interested in this type of get together for your child then try researching autism groups in your area and see if they offer activities to the public.  Another nice advantage to this program was that the child’s siblings were welcome to participate as well.

Our family has found that Nathan’s growth and development are greatly influenced by my husband’s and I, along with his sisters participation.  He really enjoys doing an activity when his older sister Hannah plays along with him.  In the early years his therapists couldn’t get him to participate in an activity if she didn’t do it first and make sure it was safe. 🙂

Some other website I have found that have some great suggestions:


If you have any suggestions or tips for what has helped your child, please comment below!


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