Natural Soda!

We met some new friends this last weekend who introduced us to a recipe for making your own soda pop!!  We were given a live culture called Scoby (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast).  We taste tested the finished product and really liked it.  Once we have completed our first batch we will keep you updated as to the results.

Check out this link for where the actual recipe came from and has been modified to suit individual needs since then….

Use a gallon jar. Clean it well between uses
Steep 6 small Lipton black-tea bags in a 1 quart pitcher, remove teabags
Add 1 1/3 Cups of sugar, stir
Pour into your clean gallon jar
Add cool water to fill the gallon jar to about 1″ below where the jar tapers
Add your SCOBE and ‘starter cup’
Cover with a paper towel and a rubber band
Set it in a dark place (cabinet) for one week
– then –
Fill smaller capped bottles through a screen – cap them
Store them in a dark place for one more week
and wah-lah! you have an effervescent drink!
Strain again, add flavoring if you like.

I recommend that you add any flavoring only during or after the final step to preserve your SCOBE (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast).


Letters and more cognitive developments!

I have been working on schooling with Nathan, and so far he is understanding a lot more than he used to!  We have an old computer that we use to play his games on which is password protected.  He has to learn the password on it in order to play the games that he wants to.  We have selected two letters for him to enter which has been a great exercise in teaching him some of the alphabet.  He has come to rely on things being in order or consistent.  For example when we recite the ABC’s he can do so if they are kept in order, if you ask him what is the letter before D is he cannot tell you, therefore, this gives him a different platform to recognize his alphabet.  He was so proud of himself when he got the password right without anyone helping him!! 🙂

In one of my previous posts I referenced to a website that I just found in helping to teach learning disabled children their letters, numbers and words.  Flash cards have been something that has liked the whole time, for some reason he seems to learn better than with worksheets or workbooks.  I printed out a set of cards and taped them to recipe cards to teach him his colors in words.   It is still a slow process but much better in comprehension than before.

I’m still giving him the same vitamins and supplements as before, although, we may forget a day here and there but it doesn’t seem to set him back in progress like it used to do! 🙂

I’m hoping to take advantage of his new cognitive skills and see what he can absorb academic wise.

Free Teaching Materials

I have been trying to find some teaching materials that my son can use in improving his education.  I came across this website a few days ago…  – visit this site and click on FREE Teaching Materials.  They offer pages on cutting, tracing, fine motor skills, file folder games, flashcards and the choices are endless at this time.  For my son it takes him a while to catch on but the resources that we have tried have had positive results.  If you haven’t tried it, check it out.

They also offer “Daily Autism Freebie“!

If you have any other good sites for educating autistic children, please comment below!