Folic Acid benefits!

I read a book recently titled “Changing the Course of Autism” by Bryan Jepson who is an ER doctor and parent of an autistic child.  His book can be very detailed in some areas for those who understand the medical aspect of autism but it is written in a manner that parents can understand and relate to.

At the end of his book he lists several natural remedies that are helpful in improving the symptoms of this disorder.  As always there is a caution about trying too many treatments and the success  rate being low.

Folic Acid was listed among the vitamins to add to the diet.  I picked up a bottle at the store and started him out with 1 tablet.  He has made some improvements with this addition to his diet as well.  While visiting with a friend recently who hadn’t seen our son in awhile she made a comment about his behavior being an improvement from the last time.  I told her about the addition of Folic Acid and she informed me that this is a very important but helpful vitamin to the body and that he should be taking at least 800mg of FA a day.

I made this change to his diet and I noticed a change!  One of my concerns has been that his retention level is very low.  We go over the same lesson every day with him not remembering it.  Now, I noticed that he is picking up on our family’s conversations with each other and remembering hours later.

One of my son’s favorite foods is granola bars.  My oldest daughter and I were leaving one morning and didn’t have time for breakfast, I told my husband that I would just grab a granola bar for her on the way.  My son heard me say this but didn’t say anything about it before I left.  As soon as we arrived home several hours later the first thing he asked about was if we had any granola bars?  I had even made the comment to my daughter that I wonder if he would remember me saying it and ask about it when we got home!!

Is that a success story or what?


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