HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) Therapy or alternatives?

I have been reading several different resources giving various tips and resources in the treatment of autism.  Several times I have come across the reference of using HBOT therapy in treating autism.  We have found several people who state that this treatment is extremely effective!  It can be used for various health issues not just autism; diabetes, wound recovery, ADD, ADHD,

If you do any research you will notice that this treatment is fairly expensive and for most not an available treatment plan due to cost.

A friend told me recently that another alternative might be a portable breathing treatment, that can be purchased at any medical supply store.  However, when I called a few places I was told that this would require a prescription in order to provide this treatment.  I plan on doing more research but if you have tried this option and have achieved success please write and share your story.  My friend didn’t think that a doctor’s order might be needed since it did not contain medicine.

I will continue to do more research and post any updates!

If you are not familiar with HBOT therapy you can read an article from a doctor from DAN (Defeat Autism Now), a national autism pro-activist.



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