Alternative therapy to horseback riding

Horseback riding!  Almost everyone loves or would like to do it on a frequent basis but it is one thing that is extremely expensive.  If your therapist has recommended this therapy for your child you may find yourself in the same predicament as myself in this trying economy.

I have been told that if we can get our son horseback riding lessons that it will not only help his posture, balance, breath control but also most importantly his speech!  The number one issue that he has had his whole life!

We have looked into this form of therapy and found that his insurance at this time won’t cover the cost or if they did, that we were still looking at a hefty price tag for 2x a week therapy program.  Well, I am a bargain hunter and one thing I found that worked just as well and was a fraction of the cost – an exercise or therapy ball.  If you can’t afford one of those then I recommend picking up any big size inflatable ball that will support the weight of your child.   Walmart has exercise balls for about $10.

If you homeschool your child have him sit on the ball instead of a chair for a few minutes throughout the day.  You can also do oral exercises – whether flash cards or asking questions to your child while he is sitting on the ball.  It will help with keeping the body aware of its surroundings by having to do two things at one time.

However, if a horse is accessible and nearby then by all means grab it and put your child on it for an excellent sensory activity! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Alternative therapy to horseback riding

  1. Our son John was an active little boy and not doing well in kindergarten. We started home-schooling him in first grade. I read the exercise ball would help with his need to move. It worked wonders.
    I think it is a genius idea to use the exercise ball to replace the benefits of riding a horse.
    Thank you

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