Helpful Writing Utensils

I was in the store recently and found some writing and coloring utensils that are helpful for encouraging small motor skills.  One of these items are crayola’s triangular crayons.  I picked up a box of these for my son to try and would rate them about a 7/10.

My son has used them and his coloring skills have improved a little bit but I’ve not noticed any major changes as of yet.  An article I read recently stated that for children with fine motor skills problems it is recommended to use jumbo size crayons for coordination until he improves his writing skills.

A word of caution though – I used to purchase quite a few dry/erase multiplication, handwriting and other helpful charts for my children to use as it was more cost effective than printing out worksheets.  I thought this was an excellent way to have our son practice his hand-eye coordination and writing skills until his OT (Occupational Therapist) told me that starting children out on dry-erase boards before they have mastered handwriting is not a good idea.  I was told that the surface it too slick and they cannot maintain proper control of the writing utensil.

It is recommended to use jumbo, stubby crayons or pencils until he/she has built up her hand muscles.

Also check out this website I just found for other great products in helping your child with sensory and handwriting needs.

They also offer  raised lined paper with or without letters and numbers for your child to learn how to write in the lines:


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