Gardening, Homemade Recipes, Herbs

If you are interested in planting a garden this summer and growing your own food, making your own household cleaners, and finding what herbs just might help your some of your ailments; then be sure and check out this webpage for more information….

We have been blessed with various resources sharing this information with us that we have formulated into one page where you can view and learn more.

Our family is planning on having a normal sized garden this year and will share what we have learned in the process.  Last year we started out with topsy-turvy’s and a few plants in the planter but this year it will be a regular garden.  This is a very important step as you start to weed your family off processed food and also items that are heavily sprayed.  Growing your own produce is also a wonderful tool for your child to experience new sensations.  Some of my son’s therapist recommended putting together a rice and beans box for him to play in for his sensory needs, gardening is even better for sensory as he will have a result from the “playing”.

When my child was young he didn’t like playing in the grass as the feeling was unpleasant to him, however, the only way to help your child to overcome is to continually expose him to the uncomfortable sensation.  Start out with a few minutes and slowly build up the time.  He is now able to walk around in the grass barefoot without having any problems!

If your child doesn’t have any problems with playing in the dirt, great!  He/She is on the road to becoming a gardener! 🙂



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