DMAE – Learning Behavior and IQ Improvement/What is DMAE?

I’ve mentioned this supplement in my blog before, but I would like to share with you the information that a health food salesman shared with me.  This supplement has been a major help in our son’s cognitive functions. He seemed to start remembering what we were teaching him better than before we added this nutrient to his diet.

For more information on the scientific research of DMAE check out these websites:

….”Learning, Behavior, and IQ
DMAE has proven to be a valuable and safe alternative for certain learning and behavior problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and hyperkinesia (usually the providence of children but also known to affect adults). Unfortunately, amphetamine or amphetamine-like drugs are often used to deal with these problems. In one study, consisting of 25 girls and 83 boys, conducted by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer of the Brain-Bio Center in Princeton, New Jersey, DMAE was found to result in enhanced behavior in 2/3 of the boys and 3/4 of the girls. Hyperactivity was greatly lessened as attention span was lengthened, irritability was decreased, scholastic ability improved, and, in some cases, IQ was elevated.8

Similar results were found when 500 mg of DMAE was given to 74 children with learning problems, including many who were hyperactive. These subjects were screened for neurological or psychiatric illnesses beforehand. DMAE was given in a double-blind fashion for 3 months. Testing was done before and after treatment for behavior, reaction time, and a series of standard psychometric parameters. Not only was there significant improvement overall but DMAE was shown to improve performance in children with learning and behavior disorders.9″


“Dimethyl-amino-ethanol (DMAE) is a precursor of acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter responsible for carrying messages between brain cells and from the brain to the muscles that control body movements. Unlike choline, it easily passes the blood/brain barrier where it stimulates the cholinergic nervous system.

A variety of cognitive and disruptive disorders may be caused or aggravated by a lack of acetylcholine. Since DMAE affects acetylcholine production, these issues may be improved with long-term, consistent DMAE use. As long ago as 1974, research was conducted showing that DMAE was comparable to some prescription drugs in improving learning and behavioral problems associated with shortened attention span.

Depression in older people also is often caused by lack of acetylcholine in the brain. In a controlled, double-blind study with normal human volunteers, findings demonstrated an increase in daytime energy, attentiveness and concentration, sounder but less sleep, and improved mood and personality. Additionally, in research and clinical practice it has been used to improve memory in older adults.

In adults, high-dose DMAE is especially useful in lipofuscin dissolution. Lipofuscin is a brownish cellular pigment consisting of molecular waste formed by the inefficient metabolism of fatty acids, resulting from oxidative stress. In the skin, especially the back of the hand, this debris manifests as either “age spots” or “liver spots,” which act as a sentinel for lipofuscin potentially present inside the body, including the brain, neurons and heart.

DMAE has the ability to dissolve lipofuscin and can work both inside and on the body. The mechanism for this action is fat emulsion. DMAE has properties similar to that of lecithin. Lecithin emulsifies fat in the liver and both of these substances produce acetylcholine in the body. However, DMAE and not lecithin is capable of lessening lipofuscin. The oral dosing of DMAE must be between 1,600 to 3,000 mg per day. One should start with a low dose of DMAE and slowly work up to this higher dose. Once the high dose is reached it must be maintained for five to six months for effects to be noticed. A well balanced multivitamin such as Optimum 6, Optimum Silver, or Women’s Essentials should be taken along with high dose DMAE to avoid any imbalance in acetylcholine production with other neurotransmitters. Some people experience stiff neck or headache with doses of DMAE at 3,000mg per day. If this occurs, the dose should be reduced and 400 to 800 mg per day of magnesium added. DMAE actually can help cells utilize magnesium more efficiently. Since magnesium must be present for many enzymatic reactions to occur in the body, the two elements work synergistically to help clear lipofuscin.

In other research, topical DMAE has been found to be effective and safe in the improvement of wrinkles and skin firmness. The mechanism of action is related to the fact skin cells contain acetylcholine receptors as well as DMAE’s anti-inflammatory actions and its ability to scavenge free radicals.

Because of DMAE’s free radical scavenging ability, when it was added to the heart’s pumping cells (myocytes) in another in-vitro study, they were protected from damage caused by a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the heart (ischemia).

High-dose DMAE can help protect against accelerated aging by removing cellular debris caused by many factors present in twenty-first century daily life.”

5 thoughts on “DMAE – Learning Behavior and IQ Improvement/What is DMAE?

    1. Hi Leah,
      Sorry for the delay in response. I have chosen this brand of DMAE for many reasons. Mainly, our family eats a kosher diet and many of the products available had ingredients that we could not consume. Once I have tried this brand and I found that it worked I have not needed to try another one at this point! 🙂

      I have noticed great results by using this on my son without other vitamins that I have recommended. In addition to the vitamins that I recommended via “mountaingranny”. However, it must be notated that what works for one person may not work for another as each person has different health needs.

  1. Started my son on this a week ago and it really seems to make a huge difference for him. I am giving him 100mg/day in the morning. I was wondering if this is something that your son still takes or did it plateau out somehow or did you have to increase dosage, etc. My son is presently 15.

    1. Hi Abby, I haven’t given my son this supplement in a long time, but recently considered trying it again. When I did give it to him, we used Natural Source brand 351 mg. At times we increased the dose and saw good results but then we lessened it just to give the body a break. I believe it is very important to be balanced and to give the body a break on occasion. You could increase the dosage and then a few weeks later drop back down and evaluate how your son is reacting to the lessened dose. Since our body needs more vitamins and supplements at certain times in our lives, this is why I SUGGEST adjusting what you are giving him based on how his body is responding. I hope this helps.

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