Aluminum – the dangers to Cognitive Health

Several months ago it came to our attention the dangers of aluminum.  Some children with learning disabilities may have a possibility of high levels of metals in their system.  Aluminum is one of those metals that can be found in many foods and cooking ware, utensils, canned foods, deodorant etc.

When your child is already suffering from mental cognition the less metals and toxins you put in his/her body is better. We switched from teflon coated pans to iron skillets, and from pots and pans to pressure cookers and ones without any coatings on the bottom.

All of these changes may require you to search high and low for these items that are slowly fading into existence, but the health of your family depends on it.

Items that need to be adjusted and possibly eliminated from your child’s diet include:


*aluminum pots and pans

*aluminum foil

*baking powder

*baking soda

* some medications may contain aluminum


It is also important to look at baked goods (breads, tortillas, crackers etc.) for any ingredient listing with the word “aluminum” in it.  Store bought canned food is probably one of the biggest sources for aluminum.

For the health of your child and family, try learning how to can your own foods in order to limit your exposure to aluminum.  Homemade items are much better than packaged food.

Red Bob Mills Aluminum Free baking powder and baking soda are some recommended products.  Some retail stores and local health food stores carry these items.


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