Aromatherapy – Essential Oils for Autism

A few months ago a friend of mine shared with me the benefits of essential oils for autism.  Since then I have also read more information about it and discovered for myself how effective EO’s are for you.  During the early stages of my son’s health problems my life became so hectic and stressful that I started experiencing what the doctor’s termed as panic attacks.  Their suggestion was long term antidepressants which left me with more problems than before, at this stage of my life I was already so wired and strung that I wasn’t eating well or sleeping.  Conventional medication was not an option for our family.  We needed something that helped us through the period not kept us dependent on it.

This is when I learned about Lavendar Oil, this oil is very effective for calming the nervous system.  You can either apply it much like cologne or a steamer unit that you mix the oil with water and steam, while inhaling the vapors.

Also during this time both my son and I started experiencing problems with allergies/colds.  This is the time that we learned about Eucalyptus Oil. Eucalyptus vapors are strong and will help open the nasal pathways making breathing a little easier.

However, just recently we were referred to more Essential Oils for cognitive benefits.  The ones that my friend recommended are:

*Sandalwood Oil

*Franckincense Oil

I also found an article in “Herb Quarterly” magazine recommending the use of Rosemary Oil to help improve brain function.

I have started using all of these oils and have noticed positive results.  IMPORTANT NOTE: these oils are very strong and powerful – in their odor and strength.  If you do decide to use Oils make sure to get the ones that are pure, not watered down or mixed with others, and that they are Organic if possible.  If you give your child a mixture of Essential Oils and he/she has a reaction, how will you know if they had a reaction to one of the herbs or all of them?  This is a mistake that most people make, it may not be one item but the way the items are mixed that are affecting you.

I usually purchase my Essential Oils online, but you can purchase them at most local health food stores.  The ones I have purchased online are Organic and Pure, not a mixture of oils; also make sure to get ones that are safe to use on the skin if this is the route you would like to use.  I have purchased mine from Ebay for less than $3 and reasonable sizes.

As I have stated before when starting a therapy I don’t recommend investing a lot of money into it in the event that the therapy does not produce results, try starting out with trial sizes and see how they help your child.


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