In Loving Remembrance of Mildred Mansager

With much sadness and grief a dear sister and friend very close to our family, recently passed away.  Mildred was such a blessing and inspiration to those around us, she will be deeply missed!  When our family first moved to this area we had the pleasure of meeting this woman who was busy caring for her family and those in the Assembly!  She had much to offer in spiritual leadership and maternal loving that we often considered her our “mother” and “grandmother” to ourselves and children.Mil MansagerMildred Mansager was quick to make you feel at ease and welcome in a new place.  Even as her health was limiting her physical abilities that didn’t stop her from continuing to help her husband in serving Yahweh.   When there was work to be done at the Assembly, she would joyfully come and serve for many hours straight just as though she were in her twenties.  Her flesh may not be willing but her spirit certainly was!

We feel that it was a great honor to have known her!  Her wisdom and love will be deeply missed!!

May Yahweh console her family and all who loved our dear sister in the faith.


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