Vitamin C Powder

As a parent of a child with Autism, I learned early on that one problem that plagues most children with disabilities and sensory disorder is constipation.  For whatever reason, children with sensory problems either cannot voice their need to have a bowel movement or don’t recognize the urge.  This is often the reason for the difficulty with potty training as well, they cannot distinguish the feeling between being wet or dry.

In this blog I’m going to address constipation…. I’ve learned that regular bowel movements are VERY IMPORTANT to bodily health.  When we don’t relieve waste from our body it stays in the system and continues to putrify, what results is toxic fumes being released into the blood stream, thereby causing various health problems.

One way to rectify this problem is regular doses of Vitamin C.  I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I usually purchase my Vitamin C from Walmart.  We have now switched to purchasing our Vitamin C in powder form.  I now purchase it online – you can purchase it in bulk form from or you can find some on ebay from reputable sellers.

The powder form is better suited to the body and will produce faster results without a prescription.  You can safely take as much Vitamin C as your body can handle, anything more will NOT be stored in the body and will be flushed out.  I recommend adding it to juice or whatever drink your child consumes.  The taste can be pretty bitter so I don’t recommend it plain.  The purpose is to get the bowels to a runny consistency, it will be much easier on your child especially if he/she is backed up.  Make sure to do the first few doses when you are at home, as you will most likely have “accidents” until the bowels have been cleaned out.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is helpful in softening the stool. Too much can lead to loose stool though. The amount needed to help with constipation varies from person to person. Start with 1-3 grams per day and work up until you experienced your desired results. 

Vitamin C

Most experts agree that determining Bowel Tolerance (see below) is the best method to establish what amounts of Vitamin C your body requires for maximum protection. When your body is under stress, your need for Vitamin C is increased considerably. Vitamin C is not toxic and therefore, your body will tell you when you have taken enough. If you experience diarrhea or soft stools, it is a sign that your body has reached Bowel Tolerance (BT). Once you reach BT (whether it is 1 gram or 20 grams) you can cut back to 75% of the dose that represents BT for you and then keep taking that dose EVERY DAY.

Keep track of the 4 daily doses (begin with 500 mg recommended) because you will be increasing your intake gradually until you find the amount that you need for maximum immune support. Vitamin C appears to be most effective in fighting disease when the dose is close to the bowel tolerance limit. This dosage information is important enough that it could literally save your life. Incidentally, excreted Vitamin C is not a complete loss.

According to Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling, Vitamin C protects against urinary tract infections. He recommended using this laxative effect to reduce chances of developing colon cancer. The laxative effect of Vitamin C is said to be greater when the vitamin is taken on an empty stomach.

Dr. Irwin Stone, a pioneer in the use of Vitamin C, recommended taking 1.5 to 2 grams (note: each of our tablets are 500mg or .5 grams) by mouth at the first sign of a cold and repeating the dose at 20 to 30 minute intervals until symptoms disappeared. He said this usually happened by the third dose.”

I recommend giving daily doses of Vitamin C as this is a natural antihistamine and will help with allergies (another common ailment in Autism).   I’ve also noticed that by keeping my son regular that his cognitive ability has also improved.  “Vitamin C — One of several natural antihistamines is vitamin c. In addition to being a powerful anti-oxidant and immune booster, some studies have shown that high doses of vitamin c can help reduce sensitivity to allergens and reduce inflammation, mucus production, and wheezing. Researchers at Arizona State University indicated that taking 2000mg of vitamin c per day reduces histamine levels in the blood by up to 40%. In order to act as a natural antihistamine the dose is usually greater than 1000mg per day.”

Some parents have reported side effects or other health problems by taking prescription medication for the bowels.


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