Help with vitamins/tea

If you have started your child on supplements and things are not going well, these tips may help you.  Fish/flax oil is not a pleasant vitamin to take.  It is very smelly and can produce “fish burps”.  I recommend adding the fish/flax oil to applesauce or some other food that is thick and will absorb some of the smell.  Since our family does juicing we often have fruit pulp left over.  I juice carrots and celery together and then clean out the machine and do my apples and cranberries after that.  We will take the apple/cranberry pulp and make it into applesauce or jelly.  If you do decide to make jelly from it this is another option for the vitamins.

I had a question presented to me regarding Yerbe Mate tea being unpleasant for drinking.  We use Eco Teas Organic & Fair Trade Yerbe Mate Unsmoked Green Energy, which can be purchased at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and most health food stores.  This product comes in tea leaf form which we will make in the tea pot.

What I do for my son is add it to his morning juice.  I purchase 100% juice from Walmart.  They have two brands that do not have any added sugars or preservatives, one is a punch blend and another is pure apple juice. (Walmart brand)  Try mixing in more juice than tea and then gradually increase the tea.
I don’t know what you are using for sweeteners but our family uses Stevia or Raw Sugar.  The stevia is healthier than raw sugar, as it is an herb, contains lots of fiber and is a great product for diabetics.  This can be purchased at most grocery stores, health foods stores. We found an excellent bargain at a Dutch Bakery Store in our area for Raw Sugar (Sugar in the Raw). You could also try adding honey but I only recommend this if the tea is warm/hot, it won’t mix well cold.
A friend of mine shared this recipe that you might enjoy as well…  we don’t have an official title for it
Brain food:
ok not really measurements but…you can get the gest of it….i do not measure….
approx 2 cups of rolled oats raw ( vit E)
a handfull of raisins or dried cherries or blueberries you pick
a half cup of raw pumpkin seeds (protein)
a half cup of raw sunflower seeds (protein)
about 1/8 cup of bee pollen ( b vits, minerals and enzymes)
about 3 tbl spoons of molasses ( calcium, iron, potassium)
about 4 tblsp of honey (trace minerals)
about 2 tblspoons of real maple syrup
1/2 cup of chopped walnuts (omega fats)
4 tblspoons of whole flax seeds (omega fats)
about 1 and 1/2 cups almond butter or peanut butter
mix all ingredients
wet your hands frequently while you make little rolled balls of the mixture
then roll each ball in a dusting of the coating……
1/2 cup of each…
oats, almonds
and a little bit of pump and sunflower seeds
freeze for 1 hour remove from freezer and refridgerate.
no cooking required
Hope you enjoy!  Until next time

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