Where to purchase supplements

I recently had a reader of my blogs ask where you can purchase some of the supplements mentioned and how I implement them in my son’s diet….
DMAE: can be purchased at JC Health foods or online.  I recommend starting out with JC Health food until you see if it going to work for your family.  The bottle cost less than $7.  I now purchase a bigger bottle of it online via Amazon.  It is called DMAE Natural Source.
Fish/Flax Oil: can be purchased at the dollar store, Walmart, health food stores, etc.  I usually purchase mine at Walmart.
B12: I purchase mine from Dollar General.
Multivitamin: I purchase them from Trader Joe’s in my area
Yerbe Mate: can be purchased at the local Health food , Clover’s in Columbia or Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods.  Clover’s and Whole Foods were more cost effective.
If a cold or flu is going around I will add Garlic to the supplements.  What I do is crush the pills/tablets into yogurt or applesauce, the fish and flax oil I will pierce the capsule and squeeze into the rest of the vitamins.  The Yerbe Mate tea I will mix with juice and sweeten it for him.
I also highly recommend adding powdered Vitamin C to his tea/juice drink.  We purchased some lemon flavored
Vitamin C but you can choose any flavor or even plain.
We give him the tea and vitamins to him in the morning with his breakfast.  If we forgot we make sure to get it to him before he goes to bed.  If you do add Vitamin C just be prepared that the bowels will start moving, therefore, you may have some “accidents” until his body adjusts.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


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