Juicing! Drink to your Health

After reading my posts for awhile you may come to believe that the only thing I recommend is supplements without a change in diet.  This is not the case.  When I first started studying the treatments and options for autism, I had heard about the GFCF (Gluten-Free, Casein Free) diet.  Our family tried instituting this in our home for about a week without much change in speech.

We have noticed many improvements with the oral exercises and nutritional supplements.  However, there is always a risk of problems if you blindly take too many supplements but do not make dietary changes.  One of the most important dietary changes you can make for your child is to start juicing.  As you know that nutrition is sadly lacking in a child with autism and ADHD, therefore, the question now becomes how do I get my child to eat his fruits and vegetables when we are struggling with how to get him to eat.  The best option that we found was the juicer.

I was blessed a few months ago, with being able to purchase a good fruit/vegetable juicer for under $10.  If you have one available start juicing carrots, tomatoes, celery, cranberries, apples, grapes, lemons, oranges, etc.  Juicing helps your body get the vitamins and minerals faster than to have to wait for the body to break it down and digest it, which can take many hours.

If you decide to purchase a juicer – An important consideration in a juicer is to look for one that will juice both vegetables and fruit.  If you can’t afford to purchase one then a fruit juicer is better than not juicing at all.

I highly recommend organic vegetables but again to start the process, just use what you have on hand. Try contacting the grocery stores and Dutch bakery stores in your area for discounted prices on organic produce in bulk.  This has saved our family quite a bit of money.

If you are trying to locate a good juicer  – stop by a thrift store, Pawn store, garage sales, friends and family who might be looking to get rid of theirs.   There are a lot of good juicers to choose from – if you are really wanting to invest in a good juicer the “Norwalk Juicer” comes highly recommended  for those on the “Gerson Therapy“, cancer treatment therapy and those needing to build up their immune system fast, as it will get out all the juice from the pulp.

However, the most important step to your child’s improvement is to build up their health with essential vitamins and minerals from food.  Start with the basics (low end juicer, if need be) and work your way up, or you may become so overwhelmed with the cost and/or the time that you won’t even start.   I don’t recommend giving your child store bought juices unless you carefully read all the labels as they will put High Fructose Corn Syrup and other preservatives in some of the most “healthiest” juices.


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