Oral Exercise Tips & More Supplements

We started using Bacopa last week, so far we haven’t seen much improvement.  However, like some herbs it might take awhile for any changes to take effect.  This week we have been working on reviewing the alphabet and colors.  He is still struggling with remembering some of the things we have studied in the past, but he is getting better in some areas.

I just started reading a book about setting up a schedule and teaching him how to work independently.  He still struggles with being able to do an assignment without someone working directly with him at all times.  It is very interesting and I am looking forward to helping him gain some independence on his academic skills.  This evening we did one of the suggested precursor exercises and I was amazed at his capabilities.  Several months ago he couldn’t complete the Memory card game without difficulty.  This evening he was finding the matching cards and telling me what they were!!  With that accomplished we can move on to the next step of this book.

If you are finding it difficult trying to make someone talk, there are some exercises that you can do to help increase the oral muscles.

One suggestion in improving oral motor skills is to: “heighten the taste of foods with flavorings.  Experiment with spices not commonly chosen for children, such as pepper, Tabasco, mint or garlic.   Have your child suck on fresh lemon or lime slices, or Altoid mints.  Sour candies can also wake up the mouth.”

(2) You can also have your child suck favorite soft foods through a straw.  Experiment with pudding, yogurt, applesauce, superthick shakes, or even mashed potatoes.  To make the task more difficult, try various types of silly straws and thin drink straws that are used to stir coffee.  It will help the tongue retraction and strengthen the oral and cheek muscles. These tips come from the book titled “Late Talker” by Marilyn Agin M.D.

We have tried these suggestions in the past and have noticed an improvement in his oral skills.  If you combine these exercises and the supplements suggested you will help to increase your child’s speech.

Once I start using the suggested schedule for increasing his ability to work independently I will share the results.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful.  If you have any comments or suggestions of what has worked for you and your family, please feel free to share.


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