So far everything is going great with the new supplements we have tried.  We have added the tea to his daily vitamins for the last month, the results, have been amazing.

Since he has been a little boy, speech has been a major setback in his developments.  He can’t pronounce certain letters and sounds.  All of us have noticed that when he requests something or is wanting to make a statement, that he will make and effort to word it in a complete sentence.  Instead of “have water” he will say.  “Mama, may I have water?”

I have always wondered if he would ever tell me that he loves me.  Now, he will walk up to his sisters or myself; give us a hug and tell us he loves us!!!  A DREAM COME TRUE!

I believe that with Yahweh’s help he will continue to progress and maybe even some day, this journey down the road of autism may become a small shortcut in his life!!!

Until next time.


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