Update on treatments

Following up from last time….

I was encouraged to change his diet and go to a GFCF diet.  At this point in my life I was feeling overwhelmed with all the therapy sessions, exercises to do between the therapy, being a mom to my other children, working outside the home, being and wife….  that I just couldn’t get my head around learning a new diet at this point.

Our son had started to make small improvements with his therapy sessions, IF we followed through with him throughout the week.  The biggest change that we have noticed in our son was not when we started at GFCF diet but when we changed from less meat and dairy foods to more fruits and vegetables and several vitamin supplements.

Through the course of the last few months I am starting to get on board with “autism” and learning how it affects the lives of those who have it.  Each child is different and I am not a doctor.  Please take care when administering new vitamins and give small doses to see how it will affect or help your child.

We have to remember that most of our diet has chemicals, preservatives and has been tampered with in some form.  It is important to eat food as fresh as you can get to get the most out of meals.  Where our food lacks today is where the vitamins and supplements pick up.

I learned from a local health food store that a vitamin called DMAE has been known to increase IQ, improve memorization and help the brain function better.  We started our son on this vitamin and the results were amazing.  Where once we had a quiet little boy with barely any speech suddenly this new person emerged who was very vocal about his wants and needs, became argumentative with his sisters (which didn’t make them very happy).  I have highly recommended this to anyone who needs a little extra help.  His sisters and I have started this supplement as well and have noticed improvements in our own life.

My son had been on this supplement for about a month when we ran out right before a vacation.  I didn’t have time to pick up more until about a week or two later.  I had gotten more DMAE in the morning but did not have a chance to give it to him yet, when my husband mentioned to me that “N” hadn’t been as talkative or cognitively aware as he used to be.  I mentioned that I had just picked up more DMAE and that I was just getting ready to give him more tomorrow.  He suggested that I give it to him that night.  The next morning my talkative little boy was back!  I couldn’t believe it, in one night he was back to talking, arguing, play acting with his cars…  the list goes on.   We also noticed that once before where I was going over the same cards, alphabet, numbers every single day, he was now remembering and even telling us the sound of the letter.   I can’t tell you how happy I was that instead of going over the same letter that 5 minutes later he wouldn’t remember what it was, he was now telling me the letter and the sound it makes.  He would walk up to his sisters or myself and point out letters on our shirts and tell us what they were.

Mind you, I have not instituted a GFCF food with him, I just started giving him vitamins.  I also give him Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, DMAE, fish oil and flax oil and a multivitamin.  Since he is not able to swallow big pills I squeeze the oil from the capsule into his juice or cup of yogurt/applesauce.  I do not buy my vitamins from expensive stores or shops, I buy them from Dollar Stores, retail stores or anywhere you can pick them up for a reasonable price.  If you find that it works for you then I recommend spending a little more money.  It is not worth it to pay hundreds of dollars for something that doesn’t produce results.

I have also learned that vitamins and supplements do not work like conservative medication.  It takes awhile for it to build up the stores in your body again, think of it like gas; if you are low on a certain vitamin that it needs to get refilled before it can start your car.  If you only fill the tank half full and run it dry you will not get the results from the vitamin that you are looking for.  It is also important to note: that one vitamin on its own may not produce miraculous results.  I have read and researched the benefits of fish and flax oil, but if you use it on its own the results are small but mixed with other vitamins it helps the body out a lot.


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