Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to my journey with autism.  My path started 8 years ago with the birth of my beautiful son.  I had suffered a difficult pregnancy from the start.  When I was nine weeks pregnant I had developed a blood clot which caused the placenta to separate.  At thirty six weeks, after more pregnancy problems our son was born!

Once I delivered I had assumed that the worst was over and my son would grow up healthy and strong.  In the hospital I was told that he had hearing problems and would need to be tested immediately.  After his first week home my son dropped in weight from 5 lbs to 4lbs.   His first few months of life were spent trying to find a formula that he would hold down and keep his weight on.

Our son did receive vaccination and immunizations – a decision that we now regret.  Our first biggest problems with our son became eating.  When we first started introducing food into his diet, he would not tolerate anything crunchy or chewy.  If you tried to feeding him those items he would throw up and refuse to keep down anything soft/hard afterwards.

Clothes and shoes were another big struggle.  If the clothes were a certain texture or fabric a temper tantrum was sure to follow.  Only certain types of shoes would he tolerate.

Our son started receiving therapy when he was about a year old. “Autism” was not apart of our vocabulary at that time.  The doctors/therapists were still trying to figure out what the problem was.  Our son would lick furniture, spin the wheels on his car, run from noisy toys, was scared of certain patterns and color schemes, anything new would cause him to stiffen up and cry.

I had three girls before my son was born, and three older sisters.  Having a son was a new experience and these behaviors were something I wasn’t used to.

The doctors commented on how his development milestones were delayed and recommended numerous testing and therapy techniques.  He passed the tests which caused the doctors to blame it on the pregnancy therefore he would be learning disabled.  I was told that he would never walk, therefore, for the sake of the family we should put him in a home!!  We were determined to do what we could for him!

Speech has become a major component to his delay.  From the time he was a baby we have struggled to improve his speech.  We have tried in-home therapy, school therapy, clinical therapy to finally doing the therapy in home.

When our son was about 3 or 4 years old we had our first meeting with an representative from an “Autistic” center in our area.  They came out to evaluate him and told me that he had mild autism.

Since that time, I have read and studied the various aspects of this diagnosis and realized that my son had these characteristics the whole time.  It was recommended at the time to start his on the GFCF (Gluten-Free, Casein-Free) diet.



Hello, My name is Sarah.

My brother Nathan is the most wonderful brother in the world. Even though sometimes he is very mischievous  boy, I love him a lot. Sometimes people look at him differently, like, some of my friends wonder why he is the way he is, when I tell them he has autism, they look at me strange. But I love him just the same. He still does not like flip flops and will not eat certain foods like watermelon or celery, but he eats solid food, so, thats good. I have yet to come across any girls that have brothers with autism. So if you have anything to say please comment!

Thanks for reading, Sarah